Summer days are here with hot temperatures making us all feel a little less vibrant – but of course we have a bunch of ideas for how to get your lovin’ on without succumbing to the heat! Summer is sexy and if you know how to enjoy summer sex, you’ll be melting away in all the right ways!

1. Get wet and wild

Set the shower to cool, call your partner and indulge in some sexy play under the spray. Detachable shower head? You know what to do. Get that water flowing over all the right places. Our recommendation? Grab a 40ml oil based bonk lube for long lasting slideability and sensation.

2. Create a sensual combination

Water based bonk lube

A lightweight personal lubricant with a blend of hydrating Aloe Vera and New Zealand native Harakeke extracts.

Rose quartz wand

Renowned as the crystal of love. Uncover new pleasures with a rose quartz wand; alone or with a special person.

3. Get frisky at twilight

There’s a reason animals get active at twilight – it’s when the big cats come out! Your reason might be a lot less dangerous but it’s likely to get your heart racing just the same! As soon as the sun drops over the western ranges it’s the perfect temperature to touch skin to skin and rediscover your lover.

4. The sexiest cocktail is you

Just add ice and your lover’s favourite liqueur! Dip each block in the glass of fragrant alcohol and slowly slide it along each other’s skin. Let it leave a melting trail, slowly, slowly down your neck, chest, stomach, lower…  You know, someone will need to lick that up!

5. Embrace the heat

Throw open a window or two and go at it. See how slippery and sweaty and sensual you can get in the summer heat. Why not have hot, hot sex!

6. Make waves

Ocean swims will never look the same. Up close and personal with your lover you can touch and kiss and slip and slide in all sorts of marvelous mutually titivating ways beneath the waves.

(Bear in mind that in water actual penetration gets a tricky as the water washes away natural lubrication; and sex can let water – and any bacteria – into the vagina, so you wont want to go all the way unless you’re in a super clean ocean and with a considerate lover.) 

7. Minimise contact & keep cool

Sit your lover on a bench, or bend them lovingly over it, for easy access and minimal skin to skin heat. A strategically places fan to add that windblown photoshoot feel won’t go amiss!


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