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Your Body First, Naturally. Lovemaking with natural, organic sex lube

There is nothing in the world more natural than lovemaking. So in the heat of the moment why reach for a nasty chemical lube, when 100% natural options are at hand? Whether by penetration or absorption, if we use lube, it will enter the body. As your skin is the body’s largest organ then naturally, […]

Introducing Bonk Lube – Sundala health centre review

So, you eat organic food, use natural skin care products, but have you considered what is in your personal lubricant? Until a few years ago, Sylk lubricant was the only natural lubricant available, and with the recent disappearance of Sylk from the shelves, there has been a gap for other manufacturers to allow their natural […]

7 secrets scientists know about the sex lives of ordinary people

By Sarah Kramer, Tech Insider 1) Most people are kinkier than you think they are. A study in the Journal of Sex Research found that at least a third of survey respondents engaged in some kind of behavior we usually think of as “kinky.” Most popular were voyeurism (watching others have sex), fetishism (getting turned […]