Bonk lube is for lovers

We are big fans of Love. That’s Love with a capital L. We applaud anyone, anywhere, making love. Our organic Kiwi-made sex lube was created to brighten up the sex lives of all lovers!

Bonk is a 100% inclusive brand. We are pro-love and anything loving that two (or more) consenting adults want to do together is just fine by us. We’re not here to judge or place limits – in fact we’re all about removing limits!

New Zealand is slowly becoming a more inclusive country and Kiwis are letting go of legacy ideas around who can be a couple. It’s a slow process, and it’s blatantly obvious that we have a long way to go, but legalising same-sex marriage already seems like it happened a decade ago (although we still remember crying at the time).

Bonk is for lovers. Full stop!

Bonk Lube for Women

When women make love with women, Bonk Lube can multi-task for better sex – providing initial lubrication, slicking over mid-life dryness, getting sex toys slippery, creating a slip slide sensation… organic sex lube is a reliable and rather luscious sex-aid for natural personal lubrication and lends added sensory delight! Take your time and let the anticipation build!

Bonk Lube for Guys

Bonk Lube offers all sorts of foreplay possibilities to get the party started – use it anywhere that appeals for slippery sensory pleasure! Good sex-lube is also an essential safe-sex item, ensuring that condoms slide smoothly rather than tearing under pressure. Make sure you use the right Bonk Lube for your condoms and any sex-toys – the organic Water Based personal lubricant is suitable for any condoms or toys – our organic Oil Based lube can last longer but is not for use with latex or polyisoprene condoms.

Bonk Lube for Men & Women

Great for a good time or for a long time, our organic sex-lube is perfect for a quickie, or for easing mid-life vaginal dryness.  Get the loving you want on your terms! Using condoms? Make sure it’s truly safe-sex with the addition of a lovely nourishing organic sex lube to your love making routines. Make the most of exciting foreplay with instant slick; or take the long way home with a long slow lovemaking session where nobody runs out of ‘steam’ – made possible by our rich oil personal lubricant blend.

Bonk Lube for Solo Play

Home alone? No problem, Bonk Lube has your back! The perfect bed-side friend, Bonk Lube will give you a ‘helping hand’ with your personal massage or lubricate that fabulous dildo or your favourite sex toy. Relax, slide on the Bonk Lube and enjoy your solo symphony!


Why is Bonk Lube NZ’s best personal lubricant?

It’s organic. No nasties for your nether regions!

It’s natural. Lovely plant extracts and rich oils keep your skin nourished and toxin free.

It works so well. Love making has never been so smoooooth. This personal lubricant is the Barry White of sex lube.

It lasts so long. Love making can last as long was you like with organic sex lube.

It’s made right here. Support Kiwi business and save on carbon miles while you make love. Win win for you and the planet!