Who knows your body like no one else? Who loves to make you feel good? Who can you trust implicitly? If you answered with your partner’s name, that’s fantastic – but if you answered with your own, wonderful; we have some sexy self-loving tips for you.


Set the scene for sensuality

  • Shut the door, turn the lock.
  • Put the phone on silent.
  • Light a candle… or ten.
  • Set your favourite make-out music playing or choose your sexy playlist on Spotify.
  • Run a hot bath, have a steamy shower, apply some scented massage oil to your limbs.
  • Pick up your copy of Aotearotica and get comfy in a cosy spot.


Choose your organic lubricant

Let’s state the obvious – if you’re loving yourself, no need for latex condoms which means you can choose oil based and make the most of the long lasting organic slippery goodness… unless you’re bringing silicone toys to the party in which case water based organic lube is your best friend.

We think it’s ideal to have both on hand!

Grab a Mix Pack


Unleash your mind

This is your time, your rules.
Anything you want to try is on the menu.

Apply lube and start slow… tease it out.

Let your mind follow all the untravelled paths, or retravel the paths that felt incredible.

Find what feels perfect and stay there…
replay your fantasy while you hold that sensation as long as you can…


Change the formula

Mixing it up can have surprising results, so vary your style!

  • Instead of a vibrator or your usual toys, try the showerhead, a pillow or even a light brush
  • Change position – getting into doggie position or turning onto your front can change the dynamic dramatically
  • Rock your body against your hand, or toy, to get the blood flow moving
  • Touch different parts of your body, lick and stroke… anything that feels good is worth adding to the repertoire
  • Slow it right down when you get close to orgasm, make those final moments last for a more explosive climax.

Image by Rita Renoir for Aotearotica.


It’s your story, tell it your way

We believe in helping people feel great – and feel great about their bodies.

Self loving and self knowledge is a nourishing part of being human, and done tenderly, sensually, can bring deeper calm and fulfillment into your daily life.


The Bonk team