If you own a vagina, you’ll know that it has sensitive delicate skin which is super absorbent, and deserves the very best organic and natural sex products for chemical free fun! Come to that, willies deserve better than chemical exposure too! We’ve gathered some of our very favourites together to provide you with natural goodness to compliment your sex life!

Condoms, sex toys, play paraphernalia, and personal lube are often full of mysterious chemicals, weird artificial flavors, and synthetic scents that really don’t suit your most sensitive parts. You don’t have to be a boho greenie girl for the idea of chemicals in your insides to be a concern. Because we love intimacy that’s fun as well as safe for your body, we created Certified Organic Bonk Lube – but why stop there? We’re committed to bringing you a range of all-natural, fun sex products that are good to the earth, good to your body, and great for sex!

No chemical absorption, no particle disintegration, no synthetic fragrance, no contamination risk… this pure rose quartz wand is about as hygienic, long lasting and natural as sex toys can get! Plus that rose-quartz love vibration has got to be good for you!

We chose Jonny condoms as the perfect partner for our water based natural lubes because these vegan condoms just tick all the boxes. Cruelty free and made from natural latex rubber these condoms are totally toxin free. Roll them on and rock on!

Bonk Lube is our 100% Certified Organic Personal Lubricant range. We created Bonk because the sex lubes in the market didn’t offer safe, organic, sexy lubrication! Bonk is ideal for sexy fun, menopausal sex – even daily personal lubrication if you need that to keep yourself comfortable!

Bringing together all sorts of sensual sexy goodness we created the Love Box Gift pack range! Well, we say Gift Box, but you are welcome to send yourself a Love Box too, we know you deserve it! Enjoy organic chocolate, body oil, bath soak, candles and Bonk BioGro cerified organic personal lubricant.


People are learning more about the harm caused by pesticides in the environment and in our food, and many of us actively work to avoid toxins in our daily life… here are some chemical ingredients used in sex products that you may want to add to your no-go list!

Sex-Product Chemicals to Avoid:

Polypropylene Glycol

Infamous as a synthetic ‘antifreeze ingredient’ , propylene glycol is common in personal lubricants and can lead to vaginal irritation.


Parabens are synthetic preservatives which are widely regarded as a risk to steady hormone levels, and as as endocrine disruptors it is a concern that they can increase the risk of breast cancer by unbalancing hormonal function and increasing estrogen production.

Petroleum based ingredients

Petrochemicals = bad, right? Petrochemicals can disrupt your hormones with wide ranging effect, as well as disturbing natural vaginal pH levels, which results in a higher chance of infection. Petroleum-based ingredients are included in most flavored or warming-sensation personal lubricants, as well as obviously, petroleum jelly.

Nonoxynol 9 spermacide

Amazingly, nonoxynol-9 has can cause abrasion and micro tears in the vagina, and can kill off good bacteria. The resulting irritation and damage to the vagina’s lining increases the chance of contracting STDs and infection.

Synthetic fragrances

The many chemicals that can be listed as ‘fragrance’ in an ingredient list include many known endocrine disruptors – and healthy hormones are important for a great sex life, balanced mental and emotional state, and a healthy body!

Cholorohexidine Gluconate

A common ingredients in personal lubricants, this is an antibacterial agent that can eliminate helpful bacteria in the vagina along the way, removing natural protection from inflammation and irritation.