2020 is one for the books, and no mistake. A global pandemic, irrational world leaders and the climate changing faster than expected are enough to take the wood out of anyone’s pencil! But – we’d like to point out that in hard times, finding refuge in loving arms, and indulging in natural pleasures, is more important than ever!

We’ve gathered some ways to refresh your energies and get ‘glorious-sex-ready’ in the face of challenging times. Love, or just darn great sex, goes a long way toward making everything look a bit brighter, and shoring up our inner reserves. The oxytocin and and orgasm cocktail is a great rejuvenation boost, so you can face life head on!

Photo credit Ava Sol

De-Stress your Mind

Focus on the moment and stay in the present. When your brain starts rushing off envisaging another Trump win in the USA or an arctic ice sheet crashing into the sea, hit pause. Flooded with regret about the coulda-shoudla-woulda moments of life? Hit pause. Breathe in and feel your ribs move. Be aware of the breeze on your skin, the pulse of your blood, the pressure of your feet on the ground. Still your busy mind, and be in the now.

Breathe & Move

Breathe into your stomach area and feel the air flow through your lungs. So often in anxious times we ‘surface breathe’ and don’t oxygenate our blood enough.

If you can, take time to exercise – do an online Pilates class or go for a walk in the wild. Drag the bike out from the back of the garage and go freewheeling down a hill. Get the wind in your hair!

Make Space

If you’re single, make time for self love, and for meeting new people. Indulge platonic friendships and make new connections. Take time to talk with people who care about you.

If you’re in a relationship, create time to spend one on one with your partner. Quiet talks, massages, kissing marathons, dinner for two… if you don’t make time for connection it will be fading.

Get sexy

Great sex is a proven de-stress technique, immune system boost, cardio system boost and it feels damn good!

What else can reset your state of mind this fast, and be this good for you?

If you’re not feeling the urge, warm yourself up with some self love shower sessions or a sexy book. Start with some smooching sessions or hand-games-only sex sessions. Grab a Love Box and get some inspiration.

Get outdoors

We are designed to live in nature and right now we are one of the luckiest countries in the world – we have countless of the world’s hottest destinations all around us. Take a drive to the coast, explore a bucket-list destination, book a sailing charter or go trail riding on horses. Find new bush walks or cycle the rail trail. Hug a redwood in Rotorua.

We live in one of the best places in the world and it’s time to explore it.

Have fun!

Make love, drink wine, eat well! Sing and dance, paint a masterpiece, light a bonfire and toast marshmallows, video call your best friends and cackle over your in-jokes, or go our and enjoy the night life.

Balance ‘should dos’ with ‘let’s dos’ and make sure every week has some highlights strung along like fairy lights to keep life full of sparkle.

Remember – life is for enjoying, and even if we are alive in extraordinary times, it would be a waste to neglect the joy of inhabiting our lovely, unique – and sometimes amusing – bodies. Make the most of yours, and the incredible feelings it can bring you!