Long ago, in 2013, two friends talking about sex sparked a brilliant idea. What if, instead of chemical heavy, synthetic scented, mass produced sex lube, they could create a better option for personal lubricant?

We stuck to our principals and we’re very proud of the sex lube we created. We believe that it works really well (see the reviews here) as well as aligning with our values. 

Great things about Bonk Lube

1. It is Certified Organic by BioGro New Zealand so you know there are no pesticide chemicals in your sex lube.

2. BioGro Certification also means that our personal lubricant was not tested on animals… well, you can bet we tested it – but no bunnies were harmed; or, given that our sex lube doesn’t contain any nasties, no bunnies were unharmed. No bunnies involved whatsoever, Playboy or otherwise.

3. That part about ‘no nasties’ is also very important to us, and we promise you that our personal lubricant doesn’t contain any of the synthetic irritants and potential carcinogens found in mainstream sex lubes.


4. Our water based personal lube formula is vegan friendly (the oil based contains beeswax).

5. Our water based sex lube is safe with ALL toys and condoms, won’t stain sheets, washes off easily – it’s basically a wonder.

6. Our oil based sex lubricant formula contains natural oils and plant butters for long lasting friction free love making.

7. Bonk Lube is non sticky and has a light natural fragrance – no tacky fingers or heavy synthetic musk, vanilla or patchouli smells.

8. Bonk lube can be used for vaginal dryness during non-sexy times too. Just apply a drop for smooth moving comfort and go about your day.

9. It’s made in New Zealand. No off-shore manufacture here, after all that would mean shipping harakeke extract across the sea and then shipping the lube back again. Madness! Besides, we are all in favour of more jobs in New Zealand. Hand jobs, blow jobs, and making great lube jobs!


10. As if creating New Zealand’s most popular organic sex lube wasn’t enough, our founders went on to develop the Love Box concept. Now, you can gift a box full of sexy, all organic, sex-positive goodness like candles, sex literature, body oils and bath salts – along with Bonk Lube of course – to yourself, or your lover.

Choose a pre-made Love Box option or mix and match organicy sexy goodness from our web store, and add a gift box to your order – we’ll wrap and send your gift looking slick and lovely anywhere in New Zealand.