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Your Love Box is full of sensual, scented and organic loveliness and guaranteed to bring a smile and some sexy fun to the recipient! Send it to your lover, your friend or yourself!Want to add some extra goodness? Pop into the shop and we’ll add whatever you choose into your special Love Box delivery and send it off post-haste!.

Standard Love Box gift options

Choose any Love Box gift and we will deliver to the door of your lucky lover, friend or spouse!

Want the perfect gift box for your fiance, your sex-buddy or your friend?

Every body can enjoy a Love Box and all sorts of bodies deserve some extra loving! Perfect for a unique wedding gift, a birthday gift, a romantic gift for your lover or a special treat for yourself!Love Boxes are fully customisable so you can either create your own by selecting from our sexy shop – or choose one of the options above and add on any items you want to – like an extra body oil, more chocolate or the very special rose quartz pleasure wand.Whatever you choose to send, we will wrap it in our special gift box packaging and add a note if you wish (just let us know what you want to say in the comments field at check out!We believe in love, and sexy gorgeous love making…. with a lover or with yourself! Love Box gifts are designed to enrich your sex life with extra sensual and organic goodness – Enjoy!

We love natural – natural sex, natural lube, natural goodness…. so

It’s only logical that we deliver our organic natural lube and other luscious goodies to you in a plastic free bag that you can pop in your compost and return to nature!

What are eco bags made from?

Eco bags are derived from a blend of biopolymers and co-polymer; PBAT (polybutylene adipate terephthalate), Corn-starch and PLA (polylactic acid) – they contain no conventional plastic whatsoever. Eco bags not only decomposing in compost faster than other compostable products on the market, but are stronger, stretchier bags that won’t snap under weight pressures or rip with sharp corners.

Leave nothing behind but happy plants…

Ecobags are certified to break down ‘within 90 days in commercial compost and 180 days in domestic compost’, including wormfarms – leaving no harmful residues behind. In fact, the only residue is a soil enhancer that helps plants thrive, and the manufacturer reckons that in quality home compost, the bags will decompose in just 90 days.