Locked down away from your lover? In our technological age when friendships, businesses, families and communities routinely connect remotely, there is nothing stopping you getting fresh – even at a distance!

Sex is great for your wellbeing and orgasms are acknowledged as great immunity boosters… so now, more than ever we recommend a healthy dose of sexual satisfaction. This may be as simple as reaching for your Bonk Lube and Rose Quartz Wand and some luxurious self-indulgence – or you might make a date at home with your lover to work your way through our tips for better sex. Enjoy!

But if you are one of the many people who is apart from their lover, we have a handy list of ways to get each other rocking, remotely!


1. Call and connect

Take the phone to bed and make a husky late night call. Explain in detail the things you would do with them if they were beside (or under or over) you. Share intimate fantasies and reminisce over beautiful moments you have shared.  

Feeling kinkier and don’t mind if Yahoo add another nude video to their collection? Undress and video call… let your lover talk you through what they would like to do with your naked body, and let your hands do the translation. Take turns satisfying yourselves while the other watches … or have a fun race to the finish line!


2. Make a personal playlist 

This one was a big trend in the 80’s as lovers arduously recorded mix tapes filled with songs designed to woo the object of their affections. With Spotify this is so much easier and classier – and easier to send!

Songs might be ones that provoke memories, or songs with a message you want to send your lover. Add a hot playlist that is specifically designed for your lover to play while they satisfy themselves!


3. Write a letter or a poem

The art of love by letter has slipped from common use, but it’s an enduring and emotive way to share your feelings and be intimate. Dare to put pen to paper – even if you plan to photograph it and send it via WhatsApp!


4. Send a Love Box

This is literally the ideal way to ensure your lover is well prepared for pleasure! Choose from three Love Box options and add a Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand for extra X-factor.

We can deliver Love Boxes to your lover anywhere in NZ, even during lockdown. We send via contactless courier delivery from the privacy of our home.

5. Bone up on your sex skills 

(Pun intended).

Read our Sex Blog articles and make a note of anything you haven’t tried or want to do more of. Some of the hottest articles include:

And there’s lots more to read over on the Sex Blog!


6. Share moments & make memories

There are so many ways to make new connections with each other with story telling and shared experiences.

Maybe you can pop your mobile phone on the counter while you cook dinner and share your day’s highlights with each other by video chat.

Take turns telling stories from your childhood that you haven’t told before. Let your lover see how you became the person you are, or share a laugh over the mischief, misery and miracles of childhood memories.

Make a movie date and watch the same movie with a phone call open so you can chat and laugh about the movie as if you were together.

Tell your lover how you feel. Listen.


If we let it, even distance gives us opportunities to be closer together.