Sex is natural. And we think it should be naturally good for the earth too. Top picks in this Oh Natural blog by Ethically Kate were the magical combination of Jonny Condoms & Bonk Lube!


Wrap it the green way with vegan condoms

If condoms are your preferred method of birth control and STI prevention, it’s best you choose vegan friendly, natural condoms that do good for your body and the planet. Condoms get up close and personal, so it’s important they’re protecting rather than harming.


Our toilet drains are not meant for your sexy time waste. Instead, wrap your condom in a piece of toilet paper or paper towel, and put it in the rubbish bin. If your condom is 100% latex, it may biodegrade in your compost bin over a few years, but we’ll leave that experiment option up to you.

Our favourite: The Jonny Vegan Condoms.

These handy helpers are made latex sourced from rubber plants, and aren’t covered in casein- a product derived from milk to make the latex smooth. Jonny condoms also come with a FabLittleBag for responsible disposable of every condom. Simply place the used condom in a FabLIttleBag, and sleep easy knowing it will break down in landfill conditions in 12 months time.

Glide with Natural Lube

It’s horrific to think about, but lube is often made from petroleum based ingredients. No one wants that stuff up their hoo hoo or on their ding dong! Choose a lube that is free from nasty ingredients, to ensure safer sex. This stops you from flushing petroleum down the shower drain afterwards too.

Our favourite: BONK Lube.

Made in New Zealand from organic ingredients that actually nourish your skin, Bonk Lube is bound to go down a treat for everyone involved.

Shop Bonk now or read the rest of the blog on Oh Natural for tips on lingere and bedding!