Nadia Magazine uncovers the passion that created Bonk Lube

We cant talk about passion without mentioning the kind that happens in the sack. We asked Marie and Amanda, founders of the New Zealand made Certified Organic Bonk Lube, what got them going.

What inspired you to launch Bonk Lube?

As organic followers we are on a continual search for beautiful, organic alternatives to every day products. When it came to sexual lubricants, we simply weren’t satisfied with what was on offer. We recognised the opportunity to produce a beautiful, natural lube that we could rely on.

Did your business start as a passion project?

Yes! Our business was born from a passion for organics. Our customers have shared their stories, many of which are hilarious, some of which are humbling. Women and men, young and not-so-young, all with different needs, have shared their stories with us. We have learned so much since we started out as organic crusaders, and we love educating on sex, love and fun.

Our lube is a superstar in bed and that makes our day, every day!


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  1. margikay says:

    i current purchase Nadia’s magazine and read about Bonk Lube, thought i would give it a try, always on the look out for organic products

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