Jonny Condoms – a gorgeous Australian brand with lots of difference!

Natural latex rubber, organic condoms in sassy packs just begging to be taken on adventures… created by women to remove the stigma around buying condoms at the supermarket in a walk of shame, Jonny have shot to stardom.

“This is where we go, “Heeeeeere’s Jonny!” … The idea for Jonny came about when friends (and now co-owners) Samantha Eade, Bec Villanti and Bec Park were chatting about the lack of organic condom options, plus their overall (often embarrassing) experiences purchasing contraception as young women. That’s when they decided they were gonna be the ones to shake things up.”  – Urban List


Jonny loves good sex

Sex is awesome. Jonny shouts this regularly from the tops of various mountains when respect, choice and equality are its core. Jonny’s mission is to make you feel like a boss no matter where you are or what you’re doing, but especially when sportin’ your birthday suit. To heck with self-consciousness! Be unabashedly nude and ooze (pun apologies) that sass in spades. Go get some with Jonny, your new go-to condom.


Note that Jonny is perfect for use with our water based organic personal lubricant, but won’t play nice with oil based lubes.