If you are new to sex, or new to personal lubricant, you might have a lot of questions. And we definitely don’t have all the answers!

Your sexual exploration and experience is unique to you, and there are very few base rules for engagement. Do things you enjoy, ask for consent, be safe.

One thing we do know all about is personal lubricant. And sex lube is an absolutely fantastic facilitator of sensual experimentation, as well as long term love affairs!

Read on – we’d love to share insights into personal lubricant and the many ways to use it!


Sex lube is going to become involved in an intimate part of your life, so you want to find one you like, and trust! Here are some things to look for:

No Nasties

Bonk Lube is BioGro Certified Organic so you know it is pesticide free, and animal cruelty free. And our gentle sex lube is formulated with natural botanicals and absolutely no toxins or nasty chemicals. Nice.

Good texture

The main function of sex lube is to lubricate whatever sexy act you’re about to enjoy. So lube should be smooth, slick but with a hint of body to it; not too greasy and oily or silicone-slidey feeling.

Scent is sensual

A sex lube shouldn’t overpower your expensive perfume with the smell of a cheap boudoir! Bonk lube has a light natural scent that won’t combat your senses.

Silicone free

As well as damaging silicone toys and condoms, silicone can increase the rate of yeast infections. No thanks!