Oil based personal lubricant or water based sex lube? Choose your lube!

Ok, we’re agreed that organic personal lubricant is where it’s at, because we don’t need pesticides in on our love making – but which is better for you – water based lube or oil based lube?

Use this handy checklist to find the best organic lubricant for you!

1. Are you using sex toys?

Water based lube is best for sex toy play because oil based lube can react with silicon sex toys. You can use water based lubricant safely with any sex toy.

2. Do you love shower sex?

Oil based lube might last longer in the hot spray but look out for extra slippery tiles…

3. Is it guys-only fun?

Oil based lubricant is best for tight spots… but remember it’s only safe to use with polyurethane based condoms – oil based lube is not for use with latex or polyisoprene condoms!

4.  400 count Egyptian cotton?

Although our oil based lube is almost completely non-staining, if you are rolling about in abandon on $300 sheets you may want to play it safe with our organic water based lubricant!

4. Latex or polyisoprene condoms?

Definitely water based sex lube as oil based can break down these condoms and safe sex is great sex!

5. Planning an all nighter?

We applaud you. You may like to select oil based sex lube, as it will last even longer than our long lasting water based lubricant… although if you have the water on hand and start to get friction, you can ‘revive’ it with a few drops of water sprinkled on the action!

6. Playing the field?

Grab a mixed fun pack of mini lubes in water and oil base formulas, and you’ll be prepared for good times of all kinds!

Choosing the right personal lubricant for you

Shopping for personal lubricants can be a little overwhelming with choice of water based lube, oil based lube and silicon lubricants, tons of colours, and even flavours… we’re here to cut through the marketing hype and explain which personal lubricant is best suited to your lifestyle!

Organic natural personal lubricant

For us, obviously, this is a biggie! We love organic produce, organic skincare, organic cosmetics and organic personal lubricant… the more natural the better! So when it came to creating Bonk Lube personal lubricant we were adamant that it must be 100% certified organic and completely natural. Because it just doesn’t make sense to put toxic chemicals on delicate skin and special places!

Dr. Madeleine M. Castellanos, aka the Sex MD, who’s also a licensed psychiatrist and a professor at NYU suggests that the ideal is a product that has the healthiest ingredients and the lowest number of ingredients, and sums up with “You don’t want to put synthetic stuff into your very sensitive mucosal membranes, because everything gets absorbed through there.”

Water based personal lubricant

Water based personal lubricant is the one-size-fits-all king of personal lubricant. You can use water based lubricant safely with any consenting adult, sex toy or condom. Slip this magic potion on on the pleasure spot of your choice, and you’re ready for good times!

One reason people often choose oil based lube over water based lube is that it lasts longer. That’s still true with Bonk Lube; but our organic water based lube is exceptionally long lasting and will still give you plenty of fun time before you need to add any extra personal lubricant to keep things flowing smoothly.

If you want to make it last even longer you can sprinkle a little water on and the water based lube will keep on giving, but we find it’s easier to just strategically add a little more sex lube – slowly and sensually applied, this can be like a second bonus round of foreplay!

Water based sex lube is easy to wash off afterwards, and won’t stain your sheets. And, Bonk Lube’s water based lube contains moisturising extracts of NZ native flax, or harakeke, to keep your skin silky smooth and nourished. Nice.

Oil based personal lubricant

Bursting with rich natural oils and butters, our oil based lube offers a creamy melt-at-the-touch lubrication which lasts and lasts and lasts. Oil based lube feels most similar to natural lubrication, and Bonk Lube’s formula doesn’t drip like other oil based sex lube can.

Ideal for sex and toys in tighter-than-normal spots, oil based lube provides extra comfort and glide. Shower sex is another great reason to reach for oil based lube as it doesn’t wash off as quickly as water based lube.

Remember, oil base lubes are not for use with latex or polyisoprene condoms, only polyurethane!

Silicone personal lubricants

Silicone lubricants are normally more expensive, last well and are waterproof, but can stain sheets and clothing. Silcones are also rated as a low hazard by the EWG with moderate concerns around organ toxicity (not THAT organ!) and eco-toxicity – frankly; it just doesn’t make our standard of natural organic goodness.

And oddly, you shouldn’t use silicone based lubricant with silicone sex toys as the surface of the toys can be degraded by the silicone lubricant.

Mix it up

Customers tell us they like to play mix n match and make their own blend of the water based lube and the oil based lube! If you want to create a bespoke love match, grab a mix pack of sex lube here!

Sex lube ingredients to avoid

Regardless of the personal lubricant style, we recommend avoiding lubes that contain glycerine, as it is a sugar that can feed the bacteria that start yeast infections, increasing your risk of a painful infection. Another common nasty in sex lubes is propylene glycol, a petrochemical by-product notorious for being used in antifreeze, and even lovely old coconut oil which can degrade condoms (but is fine for moisturising your legs or cooking up a storm!).

Certified Organic Bonk Lube offers you a natural, organic, cruelty free selection of personal lubricants made right here in New Zealand with lovely plant extracts and nourishing natural oils. Each Bonk Lube ingredient has been carefully selected to enhance your fun and lovemaking, and organically certified by BioGro New Zealand to give you complete confidence. Enjoy!