Your Body First, Naturally. Lovemaking with natural, organic sex lube

There is nothing in the world more natural than lovemaking. So in the heat of the moment why reach for a nasty chemical lube, when 100% natural options are at hand? Whether by penetration or absorption, if we use lube, it will enter the body. As your skin is the body’s largest organ then naturally, we need to keep that as healthy as we can.

While most of us remember our last period, few of us can recall the periodic table and none of us should need a chemistry degree to understand the ingredients on products designed for consumption or contact with our beautiful bodies.. Yet some products virtually demand that kind of knowledge just to get a handle on what is inside their box. Simply put, lube ingredients should not read like a science lesson written in classical Latin. We don’t need atomic numbers and chemical properties we just want to know what is safe for us, and our lovers.

Lets face it – there’s nothing very sexy about writhing in a bath of toxins

Yet for frequent users of some lubricants that is not so far from the truth. We don’t want to dampen your flame but we thought you should know that there are chemical lubes out there that are known to kill off healthy vaginal bacteria. Other oil-based products can hold pesticides and chemicals that were sprayed on their ingredients at source. There are some lubes that contain glycerin, which for yeast sensitive sweethearts can exacerbate thrush. Many more lubes have paraben preservatives, which already have a bad rep as endocrine disruptors and are linked to cancer not to mention reproductive and immunotoxicity! Need we say more?

For surety and peace of mind, our advice is to stick to products with a short list of ingredients particularly those with natural, 100% organic active agents. By opting for certified organic lubes you know all the elements have been grown and prepared with respect for nature, and ultimately you. Certified organic means there is no risk of any nasty agrichemical substances nearing your body.

Organic lube helps ensure a great sex life – at any age or stage

We all know women can get a little dry during breastfeeding, or when we are hormonal and later, post-menopausal. These are all perfectly natural cycles in a woman’s life. External factors that can cause dryness include the use of oral contraceptives; pharmaceuticals and medicine. When it comes to love making under those conditions, a little assistance from an organic lube is going to go a long way in maintaining a healthy, joyful sex life, without subjecting our bodies to further stress.

You don’t need to treat your body like a lab rat

Stick with organic, natural options and do yourself and the planet some good. Try our water-based bonk lube, a luxurious, lightweight blend of hydrating Aloe Vera & New Zealand’s native Harakeke (flax) extract. Or our oil-based bonk lube for a longer lasting experience. It is a perfect blend of natural oils and butters with a smooth and creamy consistency. Both bonk lubes come in three sizes suitable for your bedside drawer, travel kit or handbag.

At bonk we are proud of our certified organic and all natural, New Zealand made lubes. We like to think of them as the healthy alternatives for conscious couples and the smoothest of glides for the most sensitive of lovers. Try yours now.