We created Bonk Lube for natural love making

Becoming certified as an Organic Personal Lubricant was a key step in our business plan! We chose BioGro for certification as their global reputation and high standards are internationally recognised. BioGro has been at the forefront of the organics movement for over 30 years, and their standards are recognised and trusted throughout the world.

Organic certification by BioGro New Zealand means we can guarantee that Bonk Lube’s water based personal lubricants and oil based sex lube are completely free from the chemicals involved in pesticide use.

Only all natural silky lubricant goodness touches your skin.

The BioGro label is front and centre to give you reassurance that all our natural lubricants are completely organic.

That’s not all – our sex lube is non-toxic and natural too

Check out our natural lube here and scan the list of ingredients in our organic oil based lubricants and water based sex lube. You’ll find wholesome, non-toxic ingredients including plant extracts from NZ native plants and nourishing natural oils.

Cruelty free personal lubricants? You bet.

We’re all about healthy love – there’s no way we would create a product that was tested on animals. Bonk Lube is 100% cruelty free sex lube.

Made in New Zealand, naturally.

Bonk Lube’s organic goodness is created right here in NZ where we love to live. Think rolling green hills, rolling between the sheets, diving into the ocean, plunging into your lover… New Zealand’s beauty is the perfect place for natural living – and loving!