It was a long, cold, lockdown winter… and for many New Zealanders, a little lonelier and a lot less fun. But summer is warming the land, and the scent of possibility is in the air. We’ve curated our list of top summer sex trends – we hope you experiment, and enjoy!

1.  Indulgence is the new black

Spoil yourself. Sexy self love interludes, new sensual lingerie, scented oils and soft sheets. Smooth, silky skin and sweet moments of pleasure, from the innocence of inhaling your favourite bath salts to the perfect ache of orgasm, you deserve to revel in your senses.

Create moments to lose yourself in sensation and let the world drift away.

2. Set the scene

Lights, camera – action! Maybe you’d like to film a private R18 action film, or possibly you prefer some sexy role play, getting into character off-camera. Dress up to surprise your partner with their fantasy role play character, or agree a scenario and bring your best hot, gaspy acting to the roles!

If you’re flying solo create a sensual setting and let your imagination do the rest.

3. Organic sex products

You know we are passionate about only organic goodness on our skin – this summer is a great time to ensure you have a fresh stock of organic personal lubricant on hand – and pop some minis in your order for unexpected or ‘spur of the moment’ encounters.

4. Wellness and Grooming

After months of covering up in the cold, it’s time to trim, oil and polish that beautiful body ready for summer exposure and open air fun.

Spending time on your self will boost your confidence and is a lovely way to show some TLC to your body and sexuality, especially if you spent lockdown without a partner to admire you beneath the covers and winter layers!

5. Sext & App flirtations

We’re less likely to plunge into a new relationship in 2021, and sexting is a great way to put a toe in the water and cultivate some anticipation and excitement before, or between, meeting up in person.

Be bold, and be smart – anything you send online or on text is one screenshot away from public notoriety – so remember, the most sexy lines are the ones you’ll never regret committing to the ether.

6. Classic sex toys

The best sex toys are streamlined, suit everyone, and can be used in a variety of ways. We love our rose quartz love wand – a crystal that bestows unconditional love… and in this form, also bestows repeat pleasure!

7. Take it slow for added impact

Those sexy sensual Italians use the word Karezza (caress) for sex that focuses on the journey instead of the destination. Aim to make your love making last, and concentrate on spending as much time as possible in that elevated state of lust and arousal before orgasm.

The grand finale will be 100% worth the wait.