There are lots of great things about trying to conceive a baby. You love your partner, and you have to have sex, preferably quite a lot! So far, so good… but if things don’t magically occur the way you planned, it can become stressful, and take a toll physically and emotionally. You may feel worried and have trouble becoming aroused. You might even be a bit uncomfortable from your dedication to regular intercourse!

Couples planning to get pregnant often have sex every second day, especially during their most fertile stage of the month, and there isn’t always time for generous foreplay… or it may be hard to get in the mood when something you want so badly isn’t happening.

Female arousal normally takes around 20 minutes, until a woman’s natural lubrication is in full flow and her body is deeply in the swing of things, making sex both more enjoyable and more comfortable.

Not only that, if you have been trying hard to get pregnant and are on fertility drugs, some of these can interfere with natural lubrication, and some causes of infertility can also mean a woman has less natural cervical mucus.

Enter personal lubricant…. simple, right?

Not so simple! The type of sex lubricant you use can make a difference to how successful you are at getting pregnant. Sex lube was developed to make sex easier – simply by providing slide-ability. Original lubricants often contained a spermicide!

These days, sex lube will often contain petroleum, glycerin, propylene glycol, parabens, silicone, and Nonoxynol-9 (sometimes abbreviated as N-9), which can all affect sperm motility (ie. swim-ability, aka get-to-the-egg-ability). They can even make the sperm less viable, so that even if they do get to the egg, conception doesn’t occur.

Using the right personal lubricant can be a key to conception

If you want to get pregnant, it is best to avoid lubricants that contain these ingredients. Look for a glycerin-free, chemical free lubricant… like Bonk Lube’s water based organic personal lubricant.

Of course, sperm friendly lubricants won’t guarantee pregnancy, but when you’re trying to conceive it’s nice to know that you aren’t slicking on a layer of sperm hating chemicals!

We wish you all the best in your endeavors – enjoy, and good luck x