In a hilarious and swear word filled product review, the fabulous Rocky and Ruby wrote about our organic NZ made Bonk Lube sexual lubricant.

“Do you know what is really really awkward? Buying lube, it’s up there with a pregnancy test when you shouldn’t be pregnant and also condoms I don’t care how old we are they are still f*** awkward to buy right? So I googled and did some research on lubes, I love good google guys. To be fair I didn’t find a lot on the market aside from the usual’s, none of which were overly inspiring – but lubes lube, right? Wrong, so, so wrong…”

“Do you know what people should give mums to be? Not flowers or kid’s clothes or things to make them smell nice (they’ve just had a bloody baby they ain’t going to smell nice they won’t shower for like 6 weeks for real!) you should buy them bonk lube, a big old tube of Bonk Lube.”

Take her advice and buy the Lube online now.