Menopause is a dry medical term – and ‘dryness’ is exactly what comes to mind for many women learning all about the symptoms of menopause. Women talk in hushed tones about the sleepless nights, the hot flushes, the weight gain that menopause can bring. Let’s change the record!

Women in their mid 40’s to 50’s are in the prime of life. They are normally accomplished, well travelled, have successful careers, and empty nests. Women in their middle age know what they like, both in the bedroom and out. They have no time for faithless partners, disloyal friends or cheap and nasty fashion.

Menopausal women are a force to be reckoned with! And, they can be a hell of a lot of fun regardless of whether they’re at a dinner party with friends, or if someone is slipping a dress off their naked shoulders. Women’s sexual drive often peaks at 40, and many women feel even sexier post-menopause. Knowing your preferences and being sure of who you are can do absolute wonders for your sex life!


Tips for better sex after menopause

1.  Use a great, natural personal lubricant

Lubricant makes everything go a little smoother, but it also helps women relax, knowing that there is no pressure to be wet … so they can focus on the sexual pleasure instead!  Lubricant also makes experimentation more fun, and compensates for the natural drop in personal lubrication that most women experience with menopause.

Often women worry that their partner will be offended if they want to use sex lube, and may take it as a personal affront. On the contrary, feedback from men is resoundingly positive. If their partner is more comfortable, confident and turned on, it’s pretty much a given that the guys get to have more fun too!

2.  Experiment with sex and sensuality

With a great personal lubricant on hand, you can add sensuality to foreplay, massages, non-penetrative sex, intercourse, sex toys and pretty much any kind of rubbing, stroking, teasing touching you can imagine!

Pro Tip: Lubricant means no partner is necessary, so if you feel like a solo warm up is wise, your lube will be right there for you. Masturbation is good for sleep, circulation, libido and OMG it feels great. Why wouldn’t you?

3.  Use your mind

Fantasize. Dream up sexy scenarios. Invite your partner to make them part of your sex life. Share their fantasies. Read sexy stories.

4.  Practice self love

You can take this literally (feel free!) but we’re talking about cultivating a tender self image. Visualise yourself lovingly, and practice belief in your desirability. Dress sensually, instead of sensibly, when you feel like it. Choose clothes that flatter your form and fabrics that feel fantastic.

Stop and smell the roses; make time for peacefulness and passions.

5.  Fit and fantastic

Practice your kegels for great toning, pelvic control and better orgasms. Eat well, to treat your body well. Go outdoors – walk, swim, dance, do pilates, hike – and make love. An elevated heart rate increases energy levels and circulation – which boosts arousal and can create extra glorious orgasms.

6. More sleep; less stress

Menopause can be challenging to a healthy sleep pattern but do what you can to get a good nine hours of rejuvenating rest each night. Your body (and your libido) will thank you. Likewise, keep an eye on that old vulture, stress. Stress can put a nasty dent in your sex life and it’s commonly agreed that sex is MUCH more fun than stress, so choose wisely!



Menopausal dryness can be more than a sex issue. A vagina is designed to have it’s own natural flora which help keep it hygienic, and dryness can disrupt this. Many women find that vaginal dryness makes them uncomfortable on a daily basis, and chaffing can also be a problem.

Our Oil Based organic personal lubricant is best for daily use as it contains no water, so it doesn’t disrupt the natural pH of the vagina. Simply apply a small amount each morning and go about your day.


The best personal lubricant for menopause

Water based personal lubricant is best for sex with condoms and silicone based toys.

Oil based personal lubricant is best for self-loving, use with a Love Wand, and daily initimate lubrication.


At Bonk Lube we’re all about helping everyone create a healthy, fun and fulfilling sex life.

As well as women with menopause, we find that women’s lubrication can decrease when they are breastfeeding, tired, depressed, after childbirth – and just with hormonal fluctuations.

None of those things need to interfere with your sex life, solo or otherwise – and it’s quite likely that a great sex life will make you happier and healthier regardless.

So pop over to the Bonk Lube store and choose yourself a handy tube of organic personal lubricant to help you on your way.

It’s a lot of fun for less than $15 – Enjoy!


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