One night stands – thrilling, sexy, daring and fun.

Your partner for the night might be a mysterious stranger, someone you have desired for years, or maybe a mix of people in the right place at the right time! Whatever circumstances brought you together, there are a few simple strategies to make sure everyone gets what they want out of the sexy collision.

1. Set a few simple guidelines first.

These may be safe-words, expectations for the morning afterward, preferences in bed, no-go areas or whatever you want to make you feel safe, strong and empowered.

2. Safe is sexy. 

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3. Choose the location.

Will you go to theirs, take them to yours, or tear one off up against the wall just around the corner? Do you want comfort, familiarity or risk and novelty?

4. Select your toys.

Will you work with what creation gave you or bring in the big guns? Maybe a lovely rose quartz pleasure wand wouldn’t go astray?

5. Giving, taking, or sharing equally.

Agreeing to a one night stand doesn’t mean you are giving full consent to anything your partner fancies! You can kiss and undress and stroke each other to raise the tensions without penetrative sex. You can give and/or receive oral sex or just use sex toys side by side. You might fancy well-tested missionary without any fancy bells and whistles.

Unlike when you’re with a partner where some compromise is usually a good tactic (as long as you are comfortable), there is zero responsibility to do what your sex-partner has in mind during a one night stand!

6. Have fun!

That’s what casual sex should be all about. Fun means it feels good in your stomach as well as your body. Fun means you wake up the next day feeling like the star of your own movie. Fun means you look after yourself and your casual partner.

One night stands should always be a win – win situation!