Sexy summer getaways for nights of love

When life and sex get into a routine, some of the sparkle can fade from your liaisons between the sheets. Summer holidays are the perfect time to mix things up and sprinkle some fairy dust on your love making!

Here’s our list of places to make love this summer:

1. In a tent.

Yes, the walls are cloth, very, very thin cloth. We recommend turning out your lantern – unless you want to put on an erotic shadow play. See how silent you can be while you get wild, that tent won’t muffle any noise. Super sexy!

2. A fancy hotel.

Book somewhere ridiculously indulgent in a glorious New Zealand holiday spot like Queenstown, Waiheke or Paihia and see how much you can mess up those 400 count Egyptian cottons. It’s what the millionaires do.

3. Mum & Dad’s place.

We dare you. You’ll want to be discreet but think how pleased they will be to see you relaxed and flushed with colour at the breakfast table. They will know you got a ‘great night’s rest’ in their peaceful home.

4. Go a little wild.

Take a hike into the bush and don’t come back until you’ve explored everything nature has to offer. Let your city persona drop away and get in touch with the natural world. Maybe pack a blanket, definitely take your all natural Bonk Lube.

5. Somewhere unusual.

Out boating, with blue sea and sky as far as the eye can see? Perfect time for some rocking swaying loving among the wide blue yonder. Long road trip late at night? Pull over into that quiet country lane and take a moment to enjoy your lover.

6. With someone new.

If you’re single, summer is the best time of year for exploring new liasions in new places with new people you may never see again – or who may become the love of your life with a ‘how did you meet’ story that begins “Well, it was a long hot summer…”

7. Home sweet home.

Make the bed with clean sheets. Share a steamy shower. Seduce your lover like it’s the first summer you met. Making love in the comfort of your own home has its up-sides… like that Bonk Lube handy on the side table. Zero stress and maximum relaxation. Delicious.


Hot tip:

Packing for your summer getaway is an important time to get your priorities straight. Toothbrush, clean undies, Bonk Lube. Perfect. The rest is optional.


Summer sex tips from Bonk Lube

Yes, it’s hot. Damn hot, and we love it! The bonk team love summer as when the temperature is rising, so are our libido’s so we’ve compiled our 1st edition of summer sex tips – with more to come soon.

What is it about the summertime season that makes us all so sexy? Is it the sunshine? Warm weather? Vacation days? Outdoor events? Whatever the reason, sex in the summer is an appealing way to spend an evening… or morning… or afternoon… or all three if you’re up for it. To help get your groove on, of course we recommend plenty of bonk lube and to play safe – but to make sex in the summer even better here’s 3 tips from the bonk team and 3 tips from the sexiest summer loving celebrities around.

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[process_steps] [process_step title=”Just do it” icon=”1″]If you’re in a long-term relationship, or been putting sex on the backburner – Summer is the perfect time to bring that oh so sweet dish to the front. Make making love a priority.[/process_step] [process_step title=”Do something new” icon=”2″]Summer time provides plenty of settings for novelty, fun and excitement including picnics, concerts, festivals and day trips. Experience something new together and let it translate between the sheets. Go crazy.[/process_step] [process_step link=”/?page_id=4320″ new_tab=”no” title=”Do it with bonk lubes” icon=”3″]We all know that sex is better with lube, and there’s no better lube than bonk’s water-based and oil-based.[/process_step] [/process_steps]


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[process_steps] [process_step title=”Jennifer Lopez” icon=”4″]Women don’t like their nipples twiddled like radio tuners. The guy thinks, ‘Oh, she’s loving it,’ but she’s thinking, ‘God, please stop!'”[/process_step] [process_step title=”Jessica Alba likes a bit of casual fun” icon=”5″]”I don’t think a girl is a slut if she enjoys sex. I would have a 1-night stand, and in the morning say, ‘Do you really have to be here?'” You go Jess![/process_step] [process_step title=”Eva Longoria” icon=”6″]Eva didn’t begin enjoying sex until she bought her 1st vibrator. Now she gives a Rabbit vibrator and lube to all her girlfriends. They scream when they unwrap it – The best gift is an orgasm.”[/process_step] [/process_steps] [callout title=”Buy bonk now” link=”” icon=”hb-moon-cart-plus” animation=”top-to-bottom” animation_delay=”300″]Add some fun to your lovemaking[/callout]