Enjoy even more sensual natural goodness with Bonk! We’re bringing you a range of beautiful NZ made products to further accentuate your love making.


Relax & Restore

Enjoy a soothing hot bath steaming with the beautiful fragrances of rosewood, coconut and lemon or lavender, orange and rose… let the world drift away before smoothing on richly hydrating scented body oil.


Add sensuality to sex

Increase sexual pleasure and lubrication with our organic personal lubricants. and Experiment with a rose quartz wand before reaching for a vegan, organic condom and getting into the groove naturally.


Sensual Body Oils

Skin Kitchen Body Oils are natural and nourishing for smooth, luscious smelling skin.. they are also perfect for slicking onto your partner’s skin as a prelude to love, easing out all the tensions and worries and turning their mind to sex.

Scented candles

The delicious fragrances of Humanity Scented Candles and the soft warm flicker of  candlelight are the perfect ode to love.

Organic Fair Trade Chocolate

Scrumptious, and stimulating. Chocolate triggers the same pleasure centres as good sex, acting as an aphrodisiac that provokes increased desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction.

Pleasure wands

Rose quartz is the crystal of love, so it is perfectly fitting as a wand for pleasure. Cool, smooth and sleekly sexy.

Vegan Condoms

Organic and kind, these popular condoms have got you covered.

Lush Bath Salts

Soak and soothe – and maybe share a bath – who knows where that will end?

Erotic Journals

Titillate the mind as well as the body with Aotearotica!