Summer sex tips from Bonk Lube

Yes, it’s hot. Damn hot, and we love it! The bonk team love summer as when the temperature is rising… and so are our libido’s! What is it about the summertime season that makes us all so sexy? Is it the sunshine? Warm weather? Vacation days? Outdoor events? Whatever the reason, sex in the summer is an appealing way to spend an evening… or morning… or afternoon… or all three if you’re up for it. To help get your groove on, of course we recommend plenty of bonk lube and to play safe.

Make time for love. If you’re in a long-term relationship, or been putting sex on the backburner – Summer is the perfect time to bring that oh so sweet dish to the front. Make making love a priority.

It was a long, wet winter… and not in a fun way. But summer is warming the land, and the scent of possibility is in the air. We’ve curated our list of top summer sex trends – we hope you experiment, and enjoy! We all know that sex is better with lube, and there’s no better lube than bonk’s water-based and oil-based. Buy bonk now – Add some fun to your lovemaking.

1.  Indulgence is the new black

Spoil yourself. Sexy self love interludes, new sensual lingerie, scented oils and soft sheets. Smooth, silky skin and sweet moments of pleasure, from the innocence of inhaling your favourite bath salts to the perfect ache of orgasm, you deserve to revel in your senses.Create moments to lose yourself in sensation and let the world drift away.

2. Set the scene

Lights, camera – action! Maybe you’d like to film a private R18 action film, or possibly you prefer some sexy role play, getting into character off-camera. Dress up to surprise your partner with their fantasy role play character, or agree a scenario and bring your best hot, gaspy acting to the roles!If you’re flying solo create a sensual setting and let your imagination do the rest.

3. Organic sex products

You know we are passionate about only organic goodness on our skin – this summer is a great time to ensure you have a fresh stock of organic personal lubricant on hand – and pop some minis in your order for unexpected or ‘spur of the moment’ encounters.

Kiwi made Sex Lube

Organic personal lubricant for sexy summer lovin, naturally. Made in New Zealand with botanical goodness for feel-good self-loving and sex.

Cruelty Free & Organic

Certified Organic by BioGro New Zealand so you know it is free from pesticides and animal testing. No toxins, no cruelty, just great lubricant.

Organic Gifts & Love Box

Personal lubricants, vegan condoms and organic sexy goodness with LoveBox range. Delivered in a discreet parcel, New Zealand wide.

4. Wellness and Grooming

After months of covering up in the cold, it’s time to trim, oil and polish that beautiful body ready for summer exposure and open air fun.Spending time on your self will boost your confidence and is a lovely way to show some TLC to your body and sexuality, especially if you spent lockdown without a partner to admire you beneath the covers and winter layers!

5. Sext & App flirtations

We’re less likely to plunge into a new relationship in 2021, and sexting is a great way to put a toe in the water and cultivate some anticipation and excitement before, or between, meeting up in person.Be bold, and be smart – anything you send online or on text is one screenshot away from public notoriety – so remember, the most sexy lines are the ones you’ll never regret committing to the ether.

6. Classic sex toys

The best sex toys are streamlined, suit everyone, and can be used in a variety of ways. We love our rose quartz love wand – a crystal that bestows unconditional love… and in this form, also bestows repeat pleasure!

7. Take it slow for added impact

Those sexy sensual Italians use the word Karezza (caress) for sex that focuses on the journey instead of the destination. Aim to make your love making last, and concentrate on spending as much time as possible in that elevated state of lust and arousal before orgasm.The grand finale will be 100% worth the wait.


8. Take a summer road trip

There’s never been a better time to explore this beautiful country and summer is the perfect time to visit stunning new places. Check in early and spend long sensual evenings making love at secluded getaway spots, or slip in a quickie along the way. Travelling solo? Pack your fun sized travel pack of sex lube just in case you meet someone enticing.


9. Try something new

Summer time provides plenty of settings for novelty, fun and excitement including picnics, concerts, festivals and day trips. Experience something new together and let it translate between the sheets. Go crazy.

Indulge in a sexy LoveBox of natural organic fun and sex lube, and add in a Quartz Love Wand. Read each other erotic fiction or try some of the tips in our article on ways to use a love wand. Light some candles and use the organic body oil for a sensual massage or soak away the 2020 tension with our aromatic bath salts.


10. A sexy encounter with a stranger

We are big fans of safe consensual sex, with whoever you choose to get it on with! Meeting an enticing stranger and choosing to enjoy passionate no-strings sex can create summer memories that last a lifetime. Take along your personal lube to reduce the likelihood of condom failure. Jonny vegan condoms are the ideal match for Bonk’s water based organic personal lubricant.


11. Book a night in

Take time to create a special night and break the long term lover ‘quick bonk then roll over to sleep’ routine. Turn off the phones. Set the scene, put on great music. Cook a light tasty dinner. Approach your partner while they begin to wash the dishes. Start slow then go with the flow – you may end up between the sheets, or against the bench, but the build up will have been worth it.


12. Get steamy in the shower

On a hot summer day when all you want to do is lie in the shade, set the shower to cool and surprise your lover with a midday invitation. Bring your oil based personal lubricant for long lasting, water resistant, slippery shower sensations. Cool off and heat things up all at the same time, with some cascading water and standing sex – and add some extra frisson with a Quartz Love Wand.


13. Make your dreams come true

It’s not all nurse or maid outfits! What’s your fantasy? Do you dream of a quick encounter with a movie star, or a chance encounter in a shadowy forest? Do you want your lover to act demanding – while knowing you are totally safe? Or does being blindfolded while your lover whispers in your ear and touches you lightly in unexpected places drive you wild? Share your fantasy. Make it happen.

Photo credit Ava Sol

Get some action these holidays

When life and sex get into a routine, some of the sparkle can fade from your liaisons between the sheets. Summer holidays are the perfect time to mix things up and sprinkle some fairy dust on your love making!

Travel prepared. Packing for your summer getaway is an important time to get your priorities straight. Toothbrush, clean undies, Bonk Lube. Perfect. The rest is optional.


Here’s our list of places to make love this summer:

1. In a tent.

Yes, the walls are cloth, very, very thin cloth. We recommend turning out your lantern – unless you want to put on an erotic shadow play. See how silent you can be while you get wild, that tent won’t muffle any noise. Super sexy!

2. A fancy hotel.

Book somewhere ridiculously indulgent in a glorious New Zealand holiday spot like Queenstown, Waiheke or Paihia and see how much you can mess up those 400 count Egyptian cottons. It’s what the millionaires do.

3. Mum & Dad’s place.

We dare you. You’ll want to be discreet but think how pleased they will be to see you relaxed and flushed with colour at the breakfast table. They will know you got a ‘great night’s rest’ in their peaceful home.

4. Go a little wild.

Take a hike into the bush and don’t come back until you’ve explored everything nature has to offer. Let your city persona drop away and get in touch with the natural world. Maybe pack a blanket, definitely take your all natural Bonk Lube.

5. Somewhere unusual.

Out boating, with blue sea and sky as far as the eye can see? Perfect time for some rocking swaying loving among the wide blue yonder. Long road trip late at night? Pull over into that quiet country lane and take a moment to enjoy your lover.

6. With someone new.

If you’re single, summer is the best time of year for exploring new liasions in new places with new people you may never see again – or who may become the love of your life with a ‘how did you meet’ story that begins “Well, it was a long hot summer…”

7. Home sweet home.

Make the bed with clean sheets. Share a steamy shower. Seduce your lover like it’s the first summer you met. Making love in the comfort of your own home has its up-sides… like that Bonk Lube handy on the side table. Zero stress and maximum relaxation. Delicious.