Enjoy our sexy little list of alphabetised sex tips for a hot and adventurous summer with Bonk Lube!


Ass play… a feather-light tickle or full penetration, it’s your call!



Beads… not what you expected right?

“Based on the book Forty Beads, I gave my husband a sack of little red beads and promised that each time he put one on my nightstand, we’d have sex within 24 hours.”



Cunnilingus. Let’s hear it for the ladieeeesss!



Dildo. Slim and sleek or large and loud, the range of dildos is allows for a wide range of sensations and the fun can be shared with your partner too! (May we suggest our Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand?)


Experimentation. You’ll never know what you’re missing until you try it!

“We instituted a new rule where we had to try a new position every week for a month.”



Foreplay. Okay there are two F’s we could list here but the second is generally much better with a large dose of the first!



G Spot. Find that spot. Show it no mercy! Your lover will thank you.



Hand job! Portable, fun and fast!

“Sometimes a good hand job does the trick.”



Intimacy. Practice as many forms of being intimate as you can. Touch, share a gaze, tell a secret, get naked together, massage each other, let your lover look at you naked as long as they want.



Jokes. Laughter can bring a whole new level of intimacy and fun to love making. Let’s be honest, some pretty funny things can happen in the midst of serious action!



Kisses. Lavish your lover with kisses. Deep kisses, light kisses, kisses in unexpected places, sweet kisses, goodnight kisses.

“I like being kissed on my ankles and the back of my knees. Odd maybe, but wow, it works!”



Love. Sex is better with love. If your lover isn’t the love of your life that’s fine, but caring is key to great love making.



Make love. Like, literally. Tell your lover how you feel about them. How beautiful they are to you, how precious. Hold them lovingly and look them in the eyes while you have sex. Tenderness is very, very hot!



Negligee.  Or dress up, or g string, or cowboy hat, or whatever rocks your boat. Add some props to the game and let fantasies bloom.



Oral, of course. Although we personally think Organic is very sexy too.

“I’ll wake my husband up by giving him oral… what a great way to start the day!”



Penetration. Switch up the intensity, or slow the rhythm and reduce the depth until it’s unbearable… vary the game for a sense of anticipation and excitement.



Quim. Challenge yourself to reject all the ‘shoulds’. Every quim is different… and every quim is perfect. Jamie McCartney, creator of The Great Wall of Vagina says the message behind his famous plaster casts is ‘You’re normal. Whatever you’ve got down there, leave it alone’.


Raunchy. Surprise your partner by doing something far more outrageous than they expect.




“Spontaneity is always hot (like getting naked in the middle of the kitchen right after work)!”


Turn the tables. If your partner normally initiates sex, come on to them. If they go on top, pin them down and take a turn. If they spend time going down on you, beat them to it.



Upside down. Try reverse cowboy; or butt in the air, head down – and feel the blood flow change your sensations!



Variety. Change the place, change the style, change the order – hell, if you both want to you can change the people!



Waiting… let the tension build and build and build…

“Rather than jumping into sex, we’ll spend ages making out like teenagers, then enjoy foreplay before finally moving to sex.”



X Rated. Talk dirty, be explicit about what you want. Bring a little healthy shock to the game.



You… focus on your own pleasure completely once in a while.



Zero. The number of reasons not to get on with sexy fun right now and start using some of the ideas above!