It’s a brave new world… with 25-30% of our global population in varying degrees of lockdown and physical isolation, more of us are alone (or alone together) than ever before. Many of us are craving physical contact or unable to get the amount of human contact we are used to.

Regardless of if we are at home with a partner or not, many people have much more time with much less to do, and that means that many of us have decided that there is no better time to indulge in some self care and pleasure than right now!

People are unable to date and meet new partners in the normal ways, and are increasingly turning to new online experiences like games, apps, services, sex toy stores and yes, of course; porn.

Pornhub traffic in the US was up almost 14% in March, and across Europe the $30b sex tech industry is thriving. Apps that give advice on sex are posting record downloads, sex-toy company MySecretCase doubled its sales in the days following lockdown, eHarmony, OKCupid and Match report a large rise in video dates – and Tinder’s global users made 3 billion swipes on just one Sunday in March.

“The obligation to remain within our home walls has pushed the whole country to find strategies to enjoy the quarantine, both alone and as couples. There is a strong desire to be together, to connect, to make love, to discover oneself.” – MySecretCase founder Norma Rossetti

But as Ferly posts a 65% increase in app downloads, Cofounder Billie Quinlan says that sessions like ‘Self-Compassion’ and ‘Bodies and Boundaries’ are outperforming the erotic stories and guided masturbations as people look for holistic self-care in times of lockdown anxiety.

If you’ve been itching to join the online buzz, we have curated some classy sex tech options you may like to try.


The London designed Ferly app is aimed at helping women learn the art of sexual self-care. They offer to make it simple, sensual and unashamedly normal. Try a sensual story here or listen to a session on fantasy here.


These online packages presents the results of extensive research into pleasure, and lets you uncover tools for your sexual enjoyment – designed for women, men who love women, and couples. Explore layering, hinting, broadening and more… some of these techniques didn’t even have names before OMGYes chose them!



An erotic audio guide app created in Spain (but available in English!), Emjoy useage has increased 160% since isolation began, and invites you to ‘center and prioritize your pleasure with guided audio practices’.



Activity on the German Beducated app, which promises ‘sexual happiness is trainable’ is up 189% and more people are completing their online courses with higher binge-watching rates.


Best Friend Forever

A dating sim based around a love of dogs? Let’s be honest, there’s a lot to like about this NZ designed uber-inclusive game where sims look like a selection of normal Wellingtonians and you can choose your identity and age as well as your favourite dog breed. If you have dogs in common, you’re likely to get on IRL too!

Have fun – share your fav apps below if you think we should know about them!