“It seems it’s assumed that every woman just ‘lubes up’ easy peasy and all-of-a-sudden we are slip slidin’ and ready to go. Reality is, it takes women time (and authentic connection with their lover) to get wet, plus some of us just don’t get as wet as others, and that’s completely normal and okay too.” –  Juliet Allen, Sexologist, Sex & Relationship Coach, and Tantra Practitioner

When women don’t get wet, it doesn’t always mean they aren’t in the mood for sex

When a woman isn’t super slippery it’s common to jump to the conclusion that she isn’t turned on. Yes, sexual arousal is a key ingredient for sexy lubrication – but it’s not the only factor in how wet a woman gets. A woman may be totally keen on her partner, feeling all the best sensual feelings and totally willing to commit to a sexy love fest – and yet, the required natural lubrication may not come to the party.

If this happens, communication is key. Tell your partner how sexy you feel, how desirable they are – and reach for the organic Bonk Lube on your bedside table.

Everyone can enjoy themselves, regardless of the lack of natural lubrication.

There are lots of ‘other’ reasons women don’t get wet

Nerves, overwhelm, tiredness, a hangover… lots of things can add up to vaginal dryness but if your natural lubrication is often low, there can often be an underlying cause.


Oh yes, we’ve written about how to enjoy an incredible sex life after menopause – but the fact remains, a lovely, lightly scented, organic and all natural sex lubricant can be a fantastic partner in bed! When a woman’s body produces less estrogen hormone, they are likely to have less natural lubrication.


Right? Who needs a great sex life more than mums with young children keeping them awake at night, wiping rusks in their hair and preventing any luxurious ‘me time’?

But, nother nature knew that it’s a decent idea to give a woman a break between kids, so estrogen levels are lower during breastfeeding. Milk filled boobs, exhaustion and dryer sex… a challenging combination we admit, but this is where Bonk Lube punches well above its weight, helping mums have great, comfortable, fun sex. Despite everything. Yayyyyyyy Bonk Lube!

See what ‘Rocky & Ruby’ said. Her hilarious blog included gems like:

“Do you know what people should give mums to be? Not flowers or kid’s clothes or things to make them smell nice (they’ve just had a bloody baby they ain’t going to smell nice they won’t shower for like 6 weeks for real!) you should buy them bonk lube, a big old tube of Bonk Lube.”

Contraceptive Pill

Ironic isn’t it – the pill is there to ensure stress free sex and yet… sometimes being on the pill can knock your hormone levels sideways and interfere with natural lubrication for sex. No drama – Bonk Lube has that sorted.


Systemic antihistamines to suppress runny noses can dry out your vagina as well as your nostrils! No sneezing and no sex? No thanks! Luckily there are ways to get a lovely natural lubrication (psst, Bonk Lube!) and enjoy your sex life as usual even in spring!


Same story, more dramatic cause. Chemo around the pelvis or removal of the ovaries can reduce the amount of  estrogen your body creates. Likewise the tiredness and emotional strain can reduce libido.

Hormone imbalance

One to watch for! Vaginal dryness can literally have a chemical cause, as most mainstream skin care, cosmetics, deodorants, perfumes and shampoos contain endocrine disruptors. An often quoted stat is that by the time a western woman walks out the door in the morning, she has been exposed to over 150 chemicals. 

Long term hormonal imbalances can affect almost every aspect of our lives from mood, sleep, skin impurities, metabolic changes, cell abnormalities, and definitely our sex drive. Of course, some hormonal flux happens with menopause (see the first item above) but there are lots of other causes too. Detox your life with natural household cleaners, laundry detergents and personal care. Get some sleep. Eat well and drink pure water.

A sudden urge to bonk

Sometimes the need for sex doesn’t include time for leisurely foreplay. If you and your partner want to get raunchy fast, organic sex lube is the perfect facilitator of instant fun!


So, go ahead and enjoy a great sex life regardless. Whether your challenge is babies, drugs, hormones or impulsive lovers – we’re here for you.