Sex is fabulous, and slippery sex is even better! That’s where our organic personal lubricants come into the act.

The topic of using lube can be hushed up in certain circles… either because it has ‘kinky’ connotations; or for the complete opposite reason – when you need a little help getting some ‘slip’n’slide action, you may feel un-sexy because you can’t get it on under your own steam!

The shocking truth about people who use personal lubricants is that using sex lube is NOT reserved for raunchy sexperts, or menopausal women. In fact, a good personal lubricant pretty much makes sex better for absolutely everyone, and you should feel confident reaching for your Bonk Lube any time you want! Let us convince you with this list of ways sex lube can make your lovin’ life more fun.

13 great reasons to use personal lubricants

Reason One: You want that extra slippery sensation. Go for it!

This one is simple. You like slippery sex. Use lube. Lots of people find that personal lubricant can take fantastic sensations, and make them even more incredible. It’s your life and your body, enjoy it how you like best!

Reason Two: Your mind is ready but your body is playing catch up

Women’s arousal generally creates a rush of blood to all the right areas, increasing sensation and provoking the flow of sexy slippery fluids that make intercourse comfortable, sensual and fluid. But for any one of 1001 reasons, this scenario can fail to fire! If you don’t get instantly drenching wet, it doesn’t mean you’re not in the mood, or you don’t fancy your partner, or there is something wrong with you. Foreplay is always a good thing but even with the best work up in the world, sometimes you will need a little lube!

If the mind is willing but the body is not yet, you can lubricate the situation with a well placed application of Bonk Lube. We recommend strategically using the application process to further stimulate the body to give the natural processes even more encouragement!

Reason Three: Condoms

Personal lubricant and condoms go together like kissing and foreplay. Condoms are easier to use when lubricated and feel better. They are less likely to break, and more likely to fulfill their duty of protection and prevention.

Reason Four: Slick solo play

Lay back, relax, lube up and help yourself! Take the friction factor out of sex toy play and masturbation with a lightly scented non-sticky personal lubricant. Use this time to experiment with your sexual preferences and discover what really rocks your boat, so you can share insights with your partner/s.

Reason Five: Trying new tricks

If you’re paging through the Karma Sutra and daring each other to new heights of sexual complexity, a liberal application of personal lubricant is wise. Think of it as a professional aide to your developing prowess.

Reason Six: Extra sensation for blokes

If condoms feel like they dull the sensation of sex, place one or two drops inside the condom before rolling it on for a new and sensual safe sex feeling. Be careful not to add too much as the condom may slip with over-application – you can put as much as you like on the outside of the condom.

Reason Seven: Menopause, The Pill & other hormonal eccentricities

Women’s hormones are a finely balanced equation that can get off-kilter for all sorts of reasons – menopause, menstruation, suppressed ovulation due to the pill decreasing oestrogen levels, increased estrogen due to plastic exposure, skincare and makeup containing endocrine disruptors, allergy medicines, low Vitamin B, etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum! (read more about reasons for vaginal dryness here).

Don’t let hormones run your sex-life. If you feel like some loving (and the chances are with lower oestrogen and higher estrogen you really deserve some TLC) go get yourself some. If your changing body is less likely to lubricate itself, take things into your own hands (literally, if the fancy takes you!) Lube up and enjoy.

Reason eight: Lube makes making love less ouchy

Anxiety about sexual discomfort is almost guaranteed to stop you getting wet, if not put you off sex completely. A good, long lasting natural personal lubricant means penetration is more comfortable and you can focus on the delicious sensations instead of worrying about getting hurt.

If a woman is living with sex pain from endometriosis, or the man in a sexual pair is a larger fit, lubricant may be a very welcome addition to your encounters!

Reason nine: Better shower sex

It’s true! Even if you are in an ‘exclusive no condoms maybe we’ll make babies’ relationship, the falling water in shower sex can wash away all the good lubrication and boosting up with a tube of water resistant oil-based Bonk Lube will keep the slippery sex fun going!

Reason ten: Anal sex

No argument here, lubricant is a highly desirable addition to sexual encounters from behind! With the lack of natural lubrication, a good condom-safe lube is critical for comfort, sensation and safe sex.

Reason eleven: Better hand jobs

Let’s not forget this element of our sexual repertoires! Giving your significant other a great hand job as part of your foreplay build up or as the main event is a forgotten skill that should be used more often. Settle in for an extended spoiling session with your Bonk Lube handy.

As a general guide until you discover just how your partner likes to be touched, begin with stroking the upper thighs and buttocks, and work your way inwards to your main target. For men, grip and slide on the shaft and smooth and massage the penis tip. For women, begin with feather light touches and build your intensity slowly, again, working inwards from the labia to the holy grail of the clitoris, slowly increasing frequency and pressure.

Reason twelve: Marathon sex sessions

Got a lover that lasts longer? While you’re enjoying the lasting sensation of your Casanova, the delight for your sensitive inner skin may be wearing thin. Take a small intermission to reapply your sex lube imaginatively before getting back to business. Prevention is the best cure for sexual wear and tear!

Reason thirteen: AH-Mazing foreplay

When we think of sex, foreplay isn’t normally the F word that comes to mind – but gosh darn it should be! Foreplay starts with F just like Fun and Freaky and Fantastic… it’s totally up to you which F word you choose… but we do recommend that all of the above are accompanied by a light slick of Bonk Lube to smooth and sensitise. Soon enough, like Pavlov’s dog, your body will begin to respond at the mere sight of the Bonk Lube tube.


There’s so much fun to be had… enough reading; get your hands on some of our great organic personal lubricant now, and go have some adventures!