Each botanical ingredient has been carefully selected to deliver a unique organically certified pure and luxurious lube to enhance your fun and lovemaking. Bonk comes in both water-based and oil-based lubes so you can bonk however you fancy.

A certified organic personal lubricant designed to make life more fun

Bonk firmly supports fun of both the safe and risque varieties.

All bonk lube can be safely used with silicone based toys, however for use with latex based condoms, we recommend our water based lube. For more information and a full list of ingredients please check out the bonk oil-based and bonk water-based lubricant products.

Bonk is Certified Organic personal lubricant

Many companies claim to be “organic” or “all natural” but independent third party certification is the only way you can be confident of the organic integrity of a product.

We worked with the internationally recognised Organic Certifier BioGro New Zealand who have audited and approved our ingredients, suppliers and manufacturing processes. Our investment in Organic Certification means our followers can have total confidence in the organic integrity of our product – BioGro’s Organic certification standards and programmes are trusted and recognised throughout the world.

What’s actually in some other lube brands?

The world is awash with synthetic chemical laden lubricants containing silicones, glycerin, parabens, propylene glycol and petroleum. Bonk Lube is Certified Organic, not tested on animals and offers you the confidence of quality and purity. Do you really want to apply these toxic irritants to sensitive mucous membranes? We offer some information on these nasty chemicals below:

[icon name=”icon-beaker” size=”small” color=”#000000″ float=”left” link=”” new_tab=”no”]Silicones: Leave a sticky coating on the skin which can be difficult to clean from yourself and the sheets! It can taste bad and can not be used with silicone toys.

[icon name=”icon-beaker” size=”small” color=”#000000″ float=”left” link=”” new_tab=”no”]Glycerin: Is a humectant, solvent and thickener. It may act as a food source for candida (Thrush) so if you are prone to yeast infections is best avoided.

[icon name=”icon-beaker” size=”small” color=”#000000″ float=”left” link=”” new_tab=”no”]Parabens: A range of preservatives that are suspected endocrine disruptors which may promote cancer.

[icon name=”icon-beaker” size=”small” color=”#000000″ float=”left” link=”” new_tab=”no”]Propylene Glycol: Is a derivative of petroleum and is used as a humectant. It can cause contact dermatitis and a burning sensation when applied to vaginal tissues.

[icon name=”icon-beaker” size=”small” color=”#000000″ float=”left” link=”” new_tab=”no”]Petroleum: Mineral Oil and petroleum are in many cosmetic products. They are derived from fossil fuels and coat the skin.

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Why couples need lube for great sex – the benefits of a good organic lube

A great lube is a prerequisite for couples to have great sex. Many women think they don’t need to use lube until they become older, but the reality is that a woman only starts off wet in the inside. In between the wet inside and the dry outside can be a difficult and laborious entry for her partner.

Even when a woman’s partner pleasures her with oral, the lubrication provided via saliva quickly dries out and doesn’t provide a lasting silky smooth entry which a good lube provides.

According to Jacqui Olliver, The Technique Modifier at End the Problem, one of the ’12 hidden factors which cause male sex problems’ is a lack of lube! Says Jacqui:

“A dry entry is a difficult entry, which can be distracting for a man. If he’s already worried about losing his erection hardness or ejaculating early, then a dry entry is going to compound his performance anxiety.”

And according to this expert on sexual technique, lube works just as well for women.

“Without the distraction of a dry and uncomfortable entry, lube makes it easier for a woman to get into the orgasm zone, and if her partner “falls out” during intercourse he (or she) can easily slide back in.”

But the benefits of a good organic lube don’t stop there. Jacqui says;

“It’s important to keep in mind that not all lube is created equal. Many lubes contain nasty chemicals which cause pain and irritation to the delicate genital tissues and surrounding areas. This can put either gender off sex and leads to the mind becoming distracted, which causes further problems. Many male and female sex problems can be reduced in frequency just by using a good quality organic lube.”

In summary, couples will benefit immensely by using the right lube during sex. Both oil based and water based organic lubes have their benefits and can be used interchangeably depending on the requirements of your sexual activities – either masturbating by yourself or having sex with a partner.

So get out there – and start bonking!


Our motivation

As organic followers we are on the continual search for beautiful Organic alternatives to everyday products. When it came to sex we were simply not satisfied with the range of personal lubricant products available. We found nasty chemicals, funny flavours, cheap packaging and a distinct lack of appreciation of the sensitive world down under. In response, we developed bonk lube.

Bonk lube is unique in that it offers a range of pure 100% organic personal Lubricants, made in New Zealand, and designed to enhance your fun and lovemaking.