When we began the Bonk Lube journey we were in search of a sensual, non-synthetic scented, organic personal lubricant. We didn’t find one we loved – so we created Bonk Lube in two sexy formulas – oil based and water based.

Our consistent top selling personal lubricant is our Water based Sex Lube and there are a lot of really great reasons why people from all over the world choose our Bonk water based lubricant.

There are so many great reasons to choose water based sex lube!

Water based personal lubricant is perfect for all genders, and all stages of adult life.

Water based lube is safe with all condoms and toys.

And Bonk Lube is made in New Zealand, BioGro Certified Organic, and delivered to your home in a discrete package within days.

What’s not to love?

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Reasons to love Bonk Lube’s  water based personal lubricant

No pain – water based lubricant smoothes the way for friction free silky sliding.

No stains – clear colour, and water based formula washes out easily.

No weird heavy scent – just a light natural fragrance.

No glycerine – which because it is sugar by product, can increase the incidence of yeast infections… no thanks!

No pesticides and no animal cruelty – BioGro Certified Organic, and tested by consenting adults.

No no-go areas – suitable for wherever you plan to go! Front, back, full body slide, water based sex lube is ready when you are. (Oil base lube may be more slippery for butt play but you’ll need to ensure your condoms are  polyurethane or nitrile; oil based lube is not for use with latex or polyisoprene condoms.)

Plays nicely with everyone – use water based sex lube with any condoms or toys.

Chemical free, glycerin free, organic – water based lube is our top pick for the best lube to use when you’re busy making babies!

Ideal for menopause – for sex, or for a little dab to keep things moisturised during the day.

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