Winter Warmers – Tips for heating up the cold months from Bonk Lube

It’s cold outside – hell, it’s cold outside your duvet! Getting naked and naughty is probably the last thing on your mind in this nippy weather and the frosty weather won’t help your libido flow!

Bonk Lube to the rescue! Enjoy our sexy ideas for winter romance

Snuggles under the couch throw

Turn up the heater or light the fire, pull the curtains, get a fluffy blanket and make your lover a hot chocolate with chilli to spice up the mood and create an element of surprise (we highly recommend Tio Pablo Chocolate Azteca for just the right amount of bite!) Once your chosen person is warm, snuggly and spiced up, slide a hand under that blanket and see what else you can spice up!

Beach trip madness

Put on your warm down jackets and head to your favourite West Coast beach to watch the sun to go down. Get it on right there in the car as night falls. The element of risk just adds to the excitement and if you’re feeling a little shy Bonk Lube organic personal lubricant will help you get going!

Duvet bliss… so cosy, so intimate…

Get under the duvet. Wriggle about till its all warm. Wriggle out of your clothes. Wriggle in ways that feel real good with your honey, and your Bonk Lube personal lube. There should be giggles and heavy breathing and lots of warm luscious fun!

Get away from normality

Book a getaway and stay in bed in the mornings romancing. Spend afternoons wandering and evenings indulging before heading back to bed.

Send the kids to Grandad’s for the weekend

This way YOU get to get up to mischief for a change! Make the most of your time. Be carefree and sexy all over the house… except maybe in the kids rooms. Added bonus – you’ll be so glad to see them when they come home!

Take it slow with a deep hot bath

Get thoroughly wet and warm with each other, before drying off and maybe giving a massage to your partner before things get ‘hot and steamy’ again!


Enjoy! Winter is the ideal time to get warm and intimate with your lover – or yourself! There are lots more sex tips here and here if you are feeling inspired!


Pro tip – make the most of your organic personal lube

When you know which personal lubricant is right for you, make sure you have a tube bedside for taking advantage of the moment – and maybe a few mini sex lube tubes in the glove box for out and about emergencies!


Guys get hornier in winter – make the most of it!

We know. You want to store your lingerie in a trunk and hibernate until the first tulip pops up. Don’t do it, because you’ll be depriving yourself of quite a few mind-shattering sexual experiences by assuming great sex can’t be had when the thermometer dips way down low. Sure, we’ve been made to feel like our bodies are most desirable when they’re tanned and covered in sea salt, but those are all lies, lies, lies created by the makers of tanning oils. Experts and uncovered seven awesome facts about sex in the colder months that will make you happy you live in a place that feels like a tundra.

1. Men crave more sex when it’s cold out

If you need more proof that they really are from Mars, look no further: In a study published by Psychology Today, 114 men were asked to rate the attractiveness of women over the course of one year. The colder it got, the more aroused they became by revealing photos of women. Scientists say men didn’t give a flip about our faces — which were the same level of pretty all year around — but became absolute hound dogs for our bodies in the autumn and winter.

Dr. Carlen Costa, a sexologist and relationship expert, explained: “As humans, we tend to want what we can’t have, so less skin means more opportunities to provoke fantasy and think about what’s hiding underneath all those layers of scarves and sweaters.”

Finally — an explanation for why the male crooner of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” always sounded so randy.

2. More babies are conceived in autumn

The most common birthday shared by people between the ages of 14 and 40 is Sept. 16. That, my friends, means people are getting it on in December. The least popular month to conceive is, believe it or not, August.

3. Men’s sperm count is lower in the summer

There could be a perfectly good explanation for why more babies are conceived in the wintertime: The quantity and concentration of sperm per ejaculation is actually lower in the summer than in any other season. While this doesn’t mean you should throw out your birth control the day you buy your bikini, it’s nice to know the universe isn’t simply torturing us with icy roads and frigid temperatures — if it means more adorable babies are born thanks to the cold.

4. Emotional connections may be stronger when it’s cold outside

Dr. Charley Ferrer, a clinical sexologist, sex expert and author, says everything about the colder months, including how we decorate our homes and workplaces for the holidays, makes us feel more emotional and heightens our desire to discover what is hidden beneath the surface of the people who attract us. “Couples cuddle together to seek warmth, not only from the cold, but from the distance they’ve sensed in their relationships,” Ferrer said. And, as we all know, the stronger attached we feel to someone else, the more intense sex can be.

5. It’s the best time to brush up on the classics (sex positions, that is)

Save the butter churner for July, because sex in the autumn and winter calls for positions that generate more body heat and feel “cozy,” according to Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure. “People may be more self-conscious about their bodies and want positions that are less physically exposed or less vulnerable,” Levine said. Some winter favorites include missionary with a pelvic lift and variations on spooning.