Every body deserves a great experience the first time they have sex… Ok, the sex itself may, or may not be, ‘great’ the first time, but the experience should be! Here are our tips for creating a first time that will be a good memory all your life.

1. WHO you have sex with for the first time – The single biggest thing to get right is choosing your partner

Regardless of how serious your relationship is, how experienced your partner is, or what you want from the experience, the person you choose should always be someone who cares about you. If you are lucky they will also be sexy and fun and adventurous and accepting of who you are and what you want.

2. WHEN you have sex for the first time is 100% up to you

Forget the ‘norm’ or what your friends are doing. You need to feel ready and excited about having sex before you plan your first time. Honestly, plenty of people regret not waiting longer, and few would say they regret not having sex sooner.

3. WHERE you have sex can make a big difference to how much you enjoy it

Think about what you want. Do you want to be at home? At a flash hotel? At a beachy bach in summer? For a first time, it’s a good idea to make sure there is a bed, and some privacy where friends or (ek) family won’t walk in.

4. HOW you have sex

There are loads of ways to have sex, and you might start with non-penetrative sex for the first few times. Why not find out how much fun you can have without getting to the Missionary Position right off? Maybe you’d like to dip into the experience with a little hand-action and perfect mutual orgasms before switching to traditional sex. Often, especially for girls, penetration can be an overwhelming experience or even downright painful if they are not aroused enough. Sex lube can help, but ideally  great foreplay and a few orgasms can make the experience of penetration really amazing for her.

5. WHAT you do before, and during sex

Wait! Read our  Better Sex Tips for Women and Better Sex Tips for Men who Love Women articles. You might want to read our ABC of Sex Life and pick a couple together to try. We highly recommend items I through L! Once you get a little experience you may want to try 5 New Things to Try with your Guy.

6. MARK the occasion

Give flowers, write a letter, take time to lie with your partner afterwards and talk about how they feel. Share what you liked and what you want to try next time. Have a shower together and soap each other’s backs. Be friends, and be kind.

Be Prepared…

We sell Jonny’s fabulous vegan condoms which are compatible with our water based lube for safe, sensual sex.

Make sure you practice putting on a condom a few times so that it doesn’t interrupt the moment on the day. Your partner might like to practice too as it’s a great skill for both of you to have and can be a regular part of foreplay.

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