Commercial pesticides permeate our grocery aisles, our skin care, our daily bread. We recommend you keep them out of your bed, and choose organic sex lube!

Bonk Lube is Certified Organic by BioGro, and every product on this website is organic. We think that love making and pleasure should be pesticide free. There’s no place for Monsanto between our sheets or even if our sex play happens out in the shady rows of an Idaho cornfield. We’re passionate about eating organic food, using organic products on our bodies and avoiding unnecessary chemical contamination in all aspects of life.

That’s why in 2010 we created Bonk Lube organic sex lube. 

Organic is popular

Bonk Lube is sold on websites and in stores across Australia and New Zealand, even in Japan and further afield. It’s been a top seller on Oh Natural’s online store for over six years. People write to us to say it’s the best sex lube they’ve ever used, and that they love that it’s organic and NZ made.

Our original Oil Based formula and the Water Based Bonk Lube are household staples for many Kiwi lovers, and an essential for free spirits and solo players.

We know that our sex lube works really, really well – but we also love that it’s free from any toxic load, and that sensitive skin will not be exposed to anything nasty during times of pleasure. Beautiful.

“Dermal exposure happens when your skin is exposed to pesticides. This can cause irritation or burns. In more serious cases, your skin can absorb the pesticide into the body, causing other health effects.”
California Department of Pesticide Regulation

We’re guessing if you’re here we don’t need to educate you about the many reasons you wouldn’t want to apply non-organic personal lubricants to your sensitive areas.

Here are some things that we do believe are gorgeous substances that will care for your body naturally:

  • Aloe Vera – a deeply moisturizing agent which soothes the skin and aids in healing and hydration of sensitive tissues
  • Harakeke Extract – has skin softening, healing and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Sunflower Seed Oil – a lightweight oil high in Vitamin E, which helps skin and mucous membranes retain moisture and provides a protective barrier.
  • Shea Butter – a butter extracted from the Karite Tree nuts in Africa. It has healing and regenerating properties and is a superior moisturiser
  • Jojoba Oil –  a liquid wax derived from the jojoba seed, which protects, moisturises and contains powerful antioxidants
  • Beeswax – the natural wax made by honey bees is used as an emollient, a moisturiser, an antibacterial and a thickening agent
  • Cocoa Seed Butter – a very stable vegetable fat containing antioxidant Vitamin E, this extract of the cocoa bean has been used for centuries for its antioxidant, moisturising and healing properties
  • Citric Acid: found in citrus fruits, this is a natural preservative and pH adjusting agent

These are the lovely natural actives used in our organic sex lubes. See the full ingredient list for our Certified Organic sex lubes here.

Note that the Water Based personal lubricant is vegan friendly, only the Oil based formulation contains beeswax.