Creating Natural Certified Organic Personal Lubricants in New Zealand

As New Zealanders with a love for organic products we are on a continual search for beautiful natural alternatives to mainstream choices. When it came to sex we were simply not satisfied with the personal lubricants available! We think that the nasty chemicals, funny flavours, tacky scents and cheap packaging show a distinct lack of appreciation of the sensitive and sensual world down-under. So we developed Bonk Lube – a completely natural, certified organic personal lubricant for both women and men to enjoy.

Our organic personal lubricants are certified for your pleasure

Many companies use the words ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ fairly liberally, but closer scrutiny too often reveals that all is not as it seems. Bonk lube is unique in that our Certified Organic personal lubricants are designed, made and rigorously tested in New Zealand. Internationally recognised Organic Certifier BioGro New Zealand audit and approved our ingredients, suppliers and manufacturing processes. This also means we are GMO and cruelty free.

Our range of water based and oil based organic personal lubricant was carefully designed to enhance your fun and lovemaking without adding any nasty extras to your sex-life! We’re proud to provide a completely organic personal lubricant range; without the nasty chemicals that slip into the mainstream sex lubes – and into you!

The BioGro logo means you can have confidence in the organic integrity of our sex lubricants, but we didn’t stop there. Bonk personal lubricants are made without GMO, animal testing, pesticides, herbicides or ANY nasty chemicals, so you can relax knowing that your most sensitive skin is getting pure, guilt-free goodness. Our completely non-toxic organic personal lubricant means great sex has never been so safe!

Are bonk lube organic personal lubricants really 100% natural lubes?

Bonk water-based organic personal lubricant


  • Water – Aqua
  • Aloe Vera – Aloe Barbadensis: a deeply moisturizing agent which soothes the skin and aids in healing and hydration of sensitive tissues
  • Guar Gum – Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba: made from ground guar beans and acts as a thickening agent
  • Microcare DB – a blend of an organic acid with benzyl alcohol which is used for the gentle preservation of personal care products
  • Harakeke Extract – Maori name for the New Zealand flax plant Phormium tenax: has skin softening, healing and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Citric Acid: found in citrus fruits, this is a natural preservative and pH adjusting agent
  • pH 3.8 to 4.5

Bonk oil-based organic personal lubricant


  • Sunflower Seed Oil – Helianthus Annus: a lightweight oil high in Vitamin E, which helps skin and mucous membranes retain moisture and provides a protective barrier.
  • Shea Butter – Butyrospermum Parkii Fruit: a butter extracted from the Karite Tree nuts in Africa. It has healing and regenerating properties and is a superior moisturiser
  • Jojoba Oil – Simmondsia Chinensis: a liquid wax derived from the jojoba seed, which protects, moisturises and contains powerful antioxidants
  • Beeswax – Cera Alba: the natural wax made by honey bees in the hive is used as an emollient, a moisturiser and a thickening agent
  • Cocoa Seed Butter – Theobroma Cacao: a very stable vegetable fat containing antioxidant Vitamin E, this extract of the cocoa bean has been used for centuries for its antioxidant, moisturising and healing properties.

Benefits of using a natural, organic personal lubricant

The benefits of using a natural organic personal lubricant are many! Because our personal lubricants are completely natural and Certified Organic, they are ideal for anyone looking to detox their life, including people with sensitive skin or pesticide sensitivities. We ensure that Bonk Lube is cruelty free as well as completely free of nasty chemicals – for your total peace of mind.

Bonk Lube’s range of organic personal lubricants is also designed to provide superior lubricant performance! Our lubes are gorgeous to use with non-sticky lightly scented formulas to enhance your enjoyment, and deliver long lasting lubrication for extra fun loving. You can choose oil based organic lube for especially long lubrication, or water based Bonk Lube for lubrication that is compatible with any condom or toy. Grab a mix-pack to try them both, or if you are travelling or planning a night out, you can choose a Bonk Lube fun pack full of handy smaller tubes for sex on the go.

Using a personal lubrication can make sex better for absolutely everyone, providing increased sensation, more comfort, and safer sex. See our Top 12 Reasons to Use a Great Lube article for some sexy inspiration.

See what lovers say about Bonk Lube’s organic personal lubricant

Excellent product and great to haveExcellent product and great to have a natural product. Smooth, velvety texture and not gluey.

Ingrid via Oh Natural

Loved it because it was oil based it didn’t dry or irritate my skin. An amazing product that I’ve been searching for, for a while. Trying the water-based this time to see if I love it even more.



Thrilled to have a natural alternative, highly recommended, 5 Stars!



Do you know what people should give mums to be? Not flowers or kid’s clothes or things to make them smell nice (they’ve just had a bloody baby they ain’t going to smell nice they won’t shower for like 6 weeks for real!) you should buy them bonk lube, a big old tube of Bonk Lube.