Whatever your reason for using sex lube, it helps to have some tips up your sleeve to get the most pleasure out of your experience.

#1 – Size matters!

Squeeze out an amount of lube around twice the size of a pea. Keep your tube of Bonk Lube Natural Organic Lubricant handy, you never know how long the fun will last, or where the game will go!

#2 – Turn up the heat

Lube can feel pretty chilly straight out of the tube, so give it a quick rub between your palms to warm it up and keep your partner hot.

#3 – Know your lubes

Check you’re using the right kind of lube for your condoms – water based sexual lubricant is safe with any type of condom but oil-based lubricant is only compatible with polyurethane condoms, nitrile condoms and silicone based toys; it isn’t suitable for use with latex or polyisoprene condoms as they can break down and fail to provide protection. Don’t use silicone lubricants with silicone toys.

Natural lubricants are better for anyone with sensitive skin, allergies, or other sensitivities, and it’s a good idea to avoid lubes with glycerine if you are susceptible to yeast infections.

#4 – Speaking of condoms…

If you’re using a condom, the way to make it feel nice and natural is to slip it on and apply lube to the outside of it. A word to the wise – a drop or two of sex lube inside can help increase sensation too, but don’t add enough to make the condom slip.

#5 – Slip sliding away

If you’re in a long term relationship without protection, or working on making a baby, the lube goes right onto the key action spots! Take your time applying it, and make sure it’s rubbed on nice and smooth, in all the right places. A little extra foreplay never hurt anyone!

As a high level guide, personal lubricant should go on your body, your partner’s body, and on anything else you are using! You can also slip a little inside yourself to increase the sliding sensations. If you’re having anal sex, be very generous with the amount of sex lube you apply to both partners.

#6 – A quick pit-stop

If your love making is of the long lasting variety, lucky you! Just slip on an extra slick of lubricant to keep the fun sliding smoothly and enjoy.

#7 – Enjoy

This is the fun part – and we’ll leave you to make up your own guidelines for this!


7 Ways to use Lube – Tips from good ol Cosmo Mag!

By Ali Drucker for Cosmopolitan Magazine, July 2017.

Ali has done her research, and you can benefit from her rather saucy tips on using personal lube in less obvious ways. Note: When Ali means obvious, she says “obvi”. As in; ‘lube is great for sex, obvi’.

“Lube is the unsung hero of sex. From easing uncomfortable friction to rescuing you when a condom dries up, there’s no limit to what it can add to sex. And nope, you do not need to be post-menopausal to worship at the KY altar — lube is for literally everyone. And there are tons of ways to use it!”

Ali joins the dots between using water based personal lube for silicone toys and vibrators – and notes that women susceptible to yeast hassles are better using lube without glycerin. We’ve got that covered baby, no glycerin in our organic personal lubricants!

This up-to-date journo also has some hot tips for spicing up the action with personal lube – tried lubing your vibrator, or dropping a couple of drips inside the condom yet? Check her full list here.