8 ways to use lube for a better sensual experience.

Step One – Choose your lube!

Here are a few tips for a winning formulation:

Look for pesticide free certified organic lubricant for use on your body and partners. No one invited carcinogens and neurotoxins to the party.

Shop New Zealand made and support ethical small business and help us create jobs in Aotearoa.

Choose a lube with lush natural ingredients for slippy sensation without heavy synthetic scents.

Right, now you’ve chosen Bonk Lube personal lubricant in either water or oil based formulation, let’s run through some ways to use it!

Solo Play

Simply add water based lube to your hand, toy or any sensual area and let the games commence.

Sex Play

Make smoothing personal lubricant on each other part of foreplay. Add with sensuous circles or long slow strokes as your partner prefers – wherever needed.

Condom Enhancer

Place a few drops of Water Based Personal Lubricant in the condom before rolling it on, then slip a layer over the outside to provide extra sensation for both parties. Fair’s fair.

Shower sex

Our Oil Based Lube helps watery encounters last longer by providing water-resistant slip factor. No more running out of sexy ‘slide time’.
Note: If you’re using with condoms, use the Water Based Lube instead.

Butt Play

Definitely a time for good lubricant as this helps prevent microtears and condom tears. Be generous with your lubricant as well as your partner!

Slick toys

Personal lubricant makes sex toys slide more effectively for extra sensation.
For silicone toys, always use Water Based Lube.

Oral technique

Popular for use with dental dams, and for cunnilingus or rimming, a non-toxic, non-synthetic scented lube can be a great help for tired tongues.

Layer up

Don’t be shy to pause, and add another layer. The tension and anticipation of a mid-coitus ‘pit-stop’ cannot be under-rated, and layering on extra lube will feel wild to already aroused skin!