The tides that pull at the earth and the tides within us, the surges and urges of our bodies – the salt in the sea, and the salt in our blood and our tears, the salty slide of sex… we love the ocean that surrounds our little land and want to share our favourite ways to enjoy the sea with you.

Make a splash! The sea is still refreshingly cool but a spring swim is a tradition held dear and we’ll be taking the plunge – icy waters or not!

A chilly dip in the sea is a great way to reduce pain and inflammation, improve clarity of mind and focus, supporting better meditation and quality of sleep… just like an ice bath.

There’s not much that will make you feel this alive and invigorated – and a spring swim is the perfect excuse for going home to a roaring fire and a roll on the rug with someone who can help you warm up.

Take a break from your desk, your phone, your tablet, Netflix – step onto the sand with your lover and stroll. Let the conversation unreel and explore unexpected corners of the mind, or walk in silence holding hands.

Feel their skin against yours, the sand between your toes, the movement of the air and reconnect with your self-awareness.

Salty skin… that skin tightening sensation as the sea salt dries and leaves a crust of tiny white crystals on your skin. We highly recommend that you have someone luscious lick a path through the crystal coating and all the way to your favourite spots…

Their thirst for you and for refreshment will be mounting, so if you want to spoil them in return, have a chilled margarita waiting – they won’t need salt on the rim of the glass, their tongue will already be tingling!

Sun on your skin, breeze in your hair, sand in your… bikini?

The best part of this is showering the sand off, and getting your warm, clean, fragrant body ready for a liberal application of Bonk Lube’s oil based long lasting formula – perfect for shower sex and shenanigans.

Can’t make it to the sea? Get some salty indulgence delivered with this beautiful Love Box (just $90) and enjoy sensual goodness at home with:

  • A fragrant Humanity Candle
  • Wiki Skincare Bath Salts Soak
  • Wellington Chocolate Company bar
  • Bonk Lube Organic Personal Lubricant

Light your candle, fill your bath and pour in the natural bath salts, pop your chocolate bar in a handy spot and keep your water based Bonk Lube personal lubricant ready for a little after-bath fun!