Jonny Organic Condoms


Preparation is key. Always keep Jonny Condoms on-hand: tuck away in your handbag, bottom of your backpack, or that otherwise pointless sleeve pocket of your bomber jacket. Jonny are natural latex vegan friendly condoms, ideal for use with your Water-Based Bonk Lube (sorry, Jonny won’t play nice with our smooth and sexy oil based personal lubricant).

  • Each Jonny comes with a FabLittleBag for discreet and easy disposal
  • Natural colour rubber latex condoms
  • Vegan friendly
  • Ideal for use with Water-Based Bonk Lube
  • 53mm straight form with reservoir end
  • Lubricated (no nasty toxins)
  • Smooth, thin (but strong) texture
  • Double washed & smells clean
  • Select 3 Pack, 6 Pack or 13 Pack below


Respect what yo mama gave you (mama, in this instance, being Mother Nature). We’ve got a whole world to run around and have sex in – let’s not trash it.