Food can enhance our sexual appetites in two ways. We can eat it to boost the nutritional vitamins and processes that improve sex drive and function – or we can employ the sensuality of food as a part of a sexual adventure with our lover. Food can accentuate your sex drive, or simply get you feeling horny. Add food to your sexual repertoire as a tasty tantalizer in the moment, or as a sex drive boosting nutritional supplement! Here are our top insights on food as an aphrodisiac and sex toy.

Antioxidants are super star actives in our bodies. They fight oxidation, keeping us younger, firmer and more beautiful, but they also boost virility and increase blood circulation (helloooo hard on and more intense orgasms)!

Fruits rich in natural antioxidants like pineapples and artichokes, help release oxytocin (the love hormone) that boosts our sex drive. Pomegranates have three times the antioxidants of green tea or red wine and can increase testosterone levels, increasing sex drive and mood for both men and women, and can boost sperm motility if you are trying to conceive.

Those ruby jewels of pomegranate seeds make the perfect ‘follow the trail’ foreplay game too.

A Queen Margaret University study in Scotland found that participants who were given a glass of pomegranate juice daily for two weeks had a 24% increase in testosterone on average.

Honey contains boron that helps regulate estrogen and testosterone, and can restore energy, enhancing physical stamina for longer love making sessions. The legend goes that Hippocrates prescribed honey for sexual vigor in ancient Greece, and both the Bible and the Karmasutra link honey with sex. Who are we to argue?

Hot Honey Sex Game: Blindfold your partner and place one spoon of honey on your naked body… challenge them to find it with their mouth… following the sweet fragrance to just the right spot will give you both a sense of heightened anticipation, and eating the honey… well, that could lead anywhere!

Chocolate makes our brains do similar things to when we kiss… rich, sweet and tantalising, little chocolates are ideal for feeding to your lover before kissing them and sharing the delicious aftertaste.

Chocolate Sex Game: Place chocolate buttons on nipples, collarbone, navel and pubis – challenge your partner to kiss you between each one and eat them off before they melt.

Marshmellows are comparatively tidy sex toy food! They are also delightfully bouncy and squishable – just like buttocks and breasts… hide them around your body and let your partner find them and eat them (no hands allowed) one by one as a tasty teaser.

Feeling like something more slow paced and snuggly? Hot chocolate under a rug with marshmellows melting in your mugs is a lovely way to get a tender moment happening.

Marshmellow Sex Game: Place marshmellows strategically on your partner’s body and dare them to stay still without tipping any off while you trace your fingertips along their thighs, kiss the sides of their breasts, feed them marshmellows held between your lips.

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