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Oh Natural’s top reasons to choose Bonk Lube as your long term partner

Our lovely retailer Oh Natural blogged about Bonk Lube, because it’s becoming one of their customer’s top picks! “We’re broaching a topic that not many of us talk about – from the moment you say ‘lube’ it’s a slippery slope (we hope) socially; the conversation either dries up immediately, or suddenly becomes incredibly personal… and often […]

Rocky & Ruby talks about Bonk Lube organic sex lubricant

sex lubricant

In a hilarious and swear word filled product review, the fabulous Rocky and Ruby wrote about our organic NZ made Bonk Lube sexual lubricant. “Do you know what is really really awkward? Buying lube, it’s up there with a pregnancy test when you shouldn’t be pregnant and also condoms I don’t care how old we […]

Millie Elder-Holmes reviews our organic Bonk Lube

We were stoked to have the rather fabulous Millie Elder-Holmes review Bonk Lube for our retailer Millie wrote: Bonk Lube is a natural New Zealand made product, certified organic and cruelty-free. Both formulas include ingredients specifically from New Zealand and you can tell just by reading the full ingredient list that this is not […]