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In praise of Water Based Personal Lubricant

There are so many great reasons to choose water based sex lube! Water based personal lubricant is perfect for all genders, and all stages of adult life. Water based lube is safe with all condoms and toys. And Bonk Lube is made in New Zealand, BioGro Certified Organic, and delivered to your home in a discrete package within days. What’s not to love?

Sexy, fiesty spring sex tips

Spring is here, with cherry blossoms fluttering, lambs leaping and a certain vibrancy in the air… or is it sexual tension and desire? Science says that sexual activity peaks in winter and summer but for many of us, spring provides an undeniable frisson of energy that leads to exciting paths. Maybe it’s seeing the first bare legs in skirts and chest muscles stretching tshirts in enticing ways. Spring is here – let’s celebrate!

What is Bonk? Why Organic Lube? What’s in other lubes?

Each botanical ingredient has been carefully selected to deliver a unique organically certified pure and luxurious lube to enhance your fun and lovemaking. Bonk comes in both water-based and oil-based lubes so you can bonk however you fancy. A certified organic personal lubricant designed to make life more fun Bonk firmly supports fun of both […]