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4 Reasons sex is better with someone you love

Monogamy has a pretty bad rap. We’re told that sex with the same person will get boring, that we’ll lose the urge for intimacy. That once that first flush fades, you’re left with ashes of a sex-drive. In reality, that hunger never goes away.

Mardi Gras Sydney 2016 as it happened

The parade, the party, the after parties, the next morning parties, the next morning. Ahhhh, such fun. Here’s 24 hours of Mardi Gras Sydney 2016 fun times as it happened. Here’s a sample of the action… And check out the bonk tumblr for 100’s more [gallery_carousel style=”modern” category=”mardi-gras” visible_items=”4″ total_items=”4″ orderby=”date” order=”DESC” auto_rotate=”no”]   [callout title=”Water-based […]

Bonk Fun – Video Library

Cindy Gallop – Make love not porn Speaking from personal experience, Cindy argues that hardcore pornography has distorted the way a generation of young men think about sex, and talked about how she was fighting back with the launch of to correct the myths being propagated.   Which sex lube should I use? Kate McCombs […]

Green sex is certifably orgasmic

Romance that is healthy, eco-conscious AND sexy is the way of the future, in case you hadn’t all heard it before and here at bonk – we love it. “Eco-Sex”, “Green Romance”, call it what you will but experts are agreeing – the ultra chic thing to romance your partner is in ways that are sexy, meaningful […]