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Bringing women’s sexual pleasure out of the shadows with OMGYes

“There’s so much that’s been left unsaid, unasked, and unknown. All because of a taboo that, we believe, will look absurd in a few decades—the same way taboos from the 1950’s about oral sex and homosexuality are absurd to us now. OMGYes want to accelerate that transition.” The creators of OMGYes conducted in-depth interviews with […]

Nadia Magazine uncovers the passion that created Bonk Lube

We cant talk about passion without mentioning the kind that happens in the sack. We asked Marie and Amanda, founders of the New Zealand made Certified Organic Bonk Lube, what got them going. What inspired you to launch Bonk Lube? As organic followers we are on a continual search for beautiful, organic alternatives to every […]

Reasons women choose organic personal lubricant

“It seems it’s assumed that every woman just ‘lubes up’ easy peasy and all-of-a-sudden we are slip slidin’ and ready to go. Reality is, it takes women time (and authentic connection with their lover) to get wet, plus some of us just don’t get as wet as others, and that’s completely normal and okay too.” […]

An insider’s guide to transitioning from self-loving solo fun to bonking!


Contributor blog by a Bonk Lube customer. Want to share your story? Email us. If we publish it, we will send you a treat! Whoever thought there would be a problem with moving from masturbating (and enjoying those delicious sensations), to being concerned about how your body will adapt when you meet that amazing someone […]